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my story is called THE TALE OF THE CONZUKI AND BASILISK and this is fiction (not real) I hop you enjoy this story also read the bottom of the story. check out my channel if you like YouTube here's the link :

Submitted: March 15, 2017

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Submitted: March 15, 2017





Thousands of years ago there lived a creature that roamed freely about the land. It did no damage nor kill unnecessary animals that it does not eat or that has not threatened the creature in any way possible. The creature was top of the food chain and was the most feared and strongest creature that lived at that time. They were 2 types of its kind, the red ones and the blue ones. The red ones were blood cold killers that killed anything that got in its way as the blue ones are more carm and peaceful animals. Two hundred thousand years later after the red and blue creatures came to be living on planet earth the first signs of human life started to emerge through evolution. Before the blue and red split ways the red and the blue started to have their version of kids that eventually evolved in to apes. From them ape like creatures they started to change in to the earliest of humans to live on the planet. Not long after they started to create their own language they created a name for the red and blue creatures the name that they came up with was Conzuki. The early version of humans could live among the blue Conzuki without any trouble but they were constantly attacked by the red Conzuki and cursing them to flee their homes I search of safety from the red Conzuki. The humans tried to fight back but they were no match for the red Conzuki, out raged at the mass of destruction they have cursed, the blue Conzuki have warned the red Conzuki to behave if they want to keep living on the island. The red Conzuki took it as a challenge and said “stop throwing words and do something if you think you can”. The humans and the blue Conzuki join together to defeat the red Conzuki once and for all. The battle lasted for hundreds of years, the land scape was torn apart mainly from the weapons from the Conzuki weaponry but the war came to a stop when the ice age come and stayed for three thousand. When the ice started to Melt and a lot of the Conzuki were dead that were found inside the ice. The humans made a great recovery from the ice age and started to repopulate the earth as the top of the food chain and the strongest animals. Not many of the Conzuki have survived, most of the survivors became humans and acted like humans, but after the ice propel melted, the red Conzuki have returned from within the ice caps!!! There is a secret cult, a temple if you will that is still aware of the presents of the red Conzuki and their return for death and revenge against the humans and what they did to them. Now you would think what can a normal sized creature do against humans of the modern Dayan age. The humans have guns and bombs and the Conzuki have nothing, well you’re wrong. Years ago back in the early days the humans for sore a prophase of the Conzuki returning from some tragedy (ice-age) but could not finger out what it means. The temple have found the old prophase and can finally find out what it means and that is how they are aware of the return of the red Conzuki. The cult is not waiting for them so they can kill them but they want to help then kill of the reaming humans and the blue Conzuki. According to the old prophase/legend the Conzuki are no normal sized creatures they are as big as the red wood tree’s in san Andrea’s, the power in their muscles are terrifying but that’s why the humans were no match for them. The cult leader got word that the red Conzuki are on the move and that they have to catch up with them to help them or at least talk to them “we need to move now quickly before it’s too late”. They finally catch up to them and the talk and they agree to help each other out, “after thousands of years I can finally finish this war and rule this planet!!!” the war begins now.


The red conzuki’s come up to the blue conzuki’s new home and attack them with unrelenting force, the blue Conzuki have no time to react to the sudden attack but the non-cult humans come to help the blue conzuki’s and fire missiles, bomb and also try to fire a atomic bomb but to no avail, the red Conzuki catch the bomb and pour the energy/power inside the bomb and throw the bomb at the non-cult humans and the blue conzuki’s and with that big bomb it kill most of the non-cult humans and the blue humans but of what had survived because of the radiation, it kill the rest, the lone survivors of the bomb and it’s devastating power are the red conzuki’s and the cult-humans. The red Conzuki declare planet earth there’s and declare a king to lead them. “The planet is our now and forever and no one can stop us yeah!!!!”


The end


If there is any confusion with reading the story then please comment down below and I will answer any questions you have. Thanks for reading.


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