The letters she never received - Part 6

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Double Crush

Submitted: March 15, 2017

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Submitted: March 15, 2017



Dear Clarinton

I hate this feeling, the hopelessness, despair, emptiness and contempt that one gets when they have an Amore on someone. An enchantment of some sort. A weakness, a puppy love to be more specific.

Is it even practical to have a child like crush on someone whom you have dated and dumped many years ago? She who once took my heart and crushed it into powdered stones. “Should I be alarmed, is history repeating itself again?”

For almost a decade life had gone on. How is this possible, me down the “Crush” road again? Such a genuine betray. Should i endure this torment. NO! I won't! I can't! "Ok, wait a minute here, am I your modern-day slave or do you think of me as a servitude who has no rest, pleasure or agitation?" If so, please take the shackles off my feet. Tell me now like then, tell me there isn’t anything peculiar about you and that you are of no significance.

Oh, how I wished I hadn’t met you.  Ever since then it feels like I have a thirst no waters can quench and a sickness without a cure. Yesterday I literally checked my phone every five seconds throughout the whole day just in case you texted back. This delusional sense of happiness is almost driving me mad. Please spare me the animosity.

When was a crush ever a genuine desire for a relationship. For the 10th time you have yet again, reduced me to my basic human dignity. A malevolent inclination to destroy my happiness walks among the shadows and your injurious still echoes in my bosoms.

“You artificially fabricated witch, please reverse this curse.”

Yours truly

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