A Poem From Me to Me

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It is what it is...

Submitted: March 15, 2017

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Submitted: March 15, 2017



Always remember the fidelity to yourself. There is no one who can or will love you more than yourself. In this world, either there is no such a thing as a soul mate, or it is near impossible to find him or her. This means that, although I have the capability to love someone with all of my heart, I will never be able to fully perform, either because I will never find the right person or because he doesn’t exist. I think that’s the saddest thing, believing that your purpose is to make someone feel like they can do anything, and knowing that you will never have the opportunity to do it. But it’s true...


I am alone.


And because that is true, I must find a different purpose. The people in my life don’t hold the same views I do. In this world loyalty lasts only a few years. When the new more fun thing comes, that thing takes over their worlds. It is not meant to be that I devote myself entirely to them, because the outcome is always that I end up alone and hurt. So I must develop a new purpose. The only person who can understand the beauty that I see, is me. So I will devote all of my love to myself. Because I won’t let me down. I can at least be certain of that...


I must always remember the beauty that others provide for me. The new things they show me that make my life a little brighter shouldn’t be forgotten or neglected. Nor should I make it a point to distance myself from everyone because even though it may be the best choice, it is also the loneliest one. But I must maintain a healthy distance. Remember that they aren’t my happiness, I am. And treat myself as such. Pride is not entirely a bad thing. And neither is anger. They are necessary mechanisms. They are natural, and they should be allowed in small doses.


So for now, I will be prideful, honest, authentic, caring, and kind. But no longer loving. There is no need for love in this world. Rather, they don’t need it, so I won’t give it to them anymore. But I still do.


If there is a god... I imagine he must be lonely too.


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