Falling Leaf

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Once upon a time a leaf fell from the tree.

Submitted: March 16, 2017

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Submitted: March 16, 2017



FALLING LEAF Based on a true story

By Levite Chaumba

Once upon a time a leaf fell from the tree

The tale of falling

Mutare, a land famous of it's prodigious mountainous terrain. Also a semi-arid land whose aridity had been a huddle for our survival. This had been our home until an unforeseen terror visited us.

I was the only leaf left from a Mutuhwa tree after a horrid annihilation of my family. August winds had haunted our home and swept everyone off. We always had a unity which kept us safe from all other winds. Leaves that were outside the canopy were always the most strongest who would provide cover for leaves inside. This time our strategy was futile because of the summer sun which had scotched and withered our guard leaves.

The mighty wind of terror came blowing thunderously plucking off the withered leaves, weakenig our life long protective strategy. One by one off we followed the wind. After about two weeks the tree was now a twig tree, only one leaf was left, only me.

Days passed as I hung lonely on a small twig in bereavement for my family. The weather seemed to have relent but a day came, a day which made falling a great tale. I was now accustomed to the soft swooshing winds which were keeping me hectic all day.

It was in the wee hours when I felt a very cold spooky breeze. Dark clouds which I don't know where they came from slowly covered the sky. Mega raindrops began falling, thudding on the ground as they bust open. This turned the atmosphere ominous. I felt a sudden strange detachment, an eerie feeling of danger. A flash of lightning punctuated the gravity of the moment.

The panic made me feel the voices of my ancestors. Horror memories of the death of my family matched the circumstances of the scene. Summer rain, summer wind. Forces of nature had me swing. Thoughts filled my mind, "could this be the end?" The anger in the storm, I couldn't stand. Ready I was to accept what the maker of the universe would grand, to give my greetings to the ground. Lingering to find my new homeland; the sand. Suddenly there came a moment that stopped the struggle, a calm one such that the storm felt like a drizzle. Silence marked the end of the grapple even though I didn't expect plucking off to be so simple. So soft even after such a wrestle.

The flight was calm, one that could make me smile and even forget about the moment. After a while, soft rattling sounds from a distance as if of a melody began to echo in my ears growing louder as I drew nearer to the ground. It was the rain drops splattering on the streams made by the rainfall. I felt the touch of the earth.

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