The Investigation of Fear

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About 1700 words worth of a child's story, with a moral built in; (I think?).

Submitted: March 16, 2017

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Submitted: March 16, 2017



Bernard was seated on the back of a Dueliecorn when he heard an odd noise.

Bernard and the Dueliecorn were both picking Underberries from a vine-tree at the edge of "Dark Forest".


The forest is full of all sorts of unusual, and mysterious, plants and creatures. There are Head-Shakers, Vulgar-snakes, Murderous Glowers, and Slithering Maulers; which are all very dangerous.


The clanking noise spooked the Dueliecorn and it jumped high into the air, then it gently floating back to the ground.

The noise occurred again, but this time it was loader and the poor Dueliecorn was so upset that it bolted in a panic.

All through the trees and across the meadow the Dueliecorn ran, until it came to a stream. The Dueliecorn suddenly stopped and Bernard flew over the Dueliecorn's head and landed in the water

"Well Holy Corn-buckles!" yelled Bernard, as he picked himself up out of the wet mess that he was in. "Why did you stop? You could have easily jumped this stream."

"I have an aversion to water, "the Dueliecorn replied.

"You do not," Bernard said with a smirk on his face. I'll bet that you thought that it would be funny to get me wet. Didn't you, you two-horned prankster?"

The Dueliecorn replied, "I do not think that you are asking the right question. You should be asking, what was that noise and who made it?"

"Really Duelie, is that what you think is important? Your best friend, I, and the only Pikernill that you know, is all wet and dirty, and that doesn't seem important to you in any way?" Bernard asked, while trying very hard not to laugh.

Duelie the Dueliecorn snorted through his nose and made a warm wind blow passed Bernard.

After Duelie caused the wind to blow, he said, "There, you are dry and clean, now please stop complaining.”

"But I like complaining, it gives me something to do when I am board," Bernard stated with a chuckle.

Duelie countered, "You could not be board with all this excitement going on. You, like all Pikernills, just like to complain, period."


Suddenly the odd sound was heard again, but from far away; clank-ah-dee clank, clank.

A large and chubby slim-frog jumped out of the stream and right into Bernard's arms; then it said, "Save me, the Clank-ah-dee Clank is going to get me and eat me; I just know it!"

With a disgusted look on his face, Bernard replied,"Holy Corn-buckles, you slimmed me! You are disgusting and slimy, so I doubt that anything is going to want to eat you, you silly frog. Now get out of my arms and back to whereever you jumped from."

After saying that, Bernard sat the frog down on the bank of the stream. Then Bernard went back into the water to wash and get all the slim off. As he got out of the stream Duelie snorted, once again, and made a warm wind blow passed Bernard; he was clean and dry, once more.

"Thank you," Bernard stated.

"You are welcome my friend,' the Dueliecorn replied, "now I think that we should investigate and find out what is making that noise. It seems to be scaring more than just us."

Bernard replied with a laugh, "You want to investigate? You, the Dueliecorn that ran like a scared Crabbit from whatever it is."

Duelie stated, "That was just a natural reaction because the sound startled me, that's all. I was never really frightened by it, whatever it is.

After all, why would I be scared of a sound unless it was a dangerous sound, like the sound of Blood-Shakers, Murderous Glowers, or Slithering Maulers; those sounds I know and I would run from immediately.

If there were Moo-Munchers around here then I would think that it is a Moo-Muncher with a Moo-Muncher Clunker hanging around its neck." 


Clank, Clank, Clank-ah-dee Clank, Clank; the sound was getting closer.


Suddenly, hundreds of Crabbits jumped out of the tall grasses, screaming, "The Clank-ah-dee Clank is after us, run, run for your lives!"

Then the Crabbits jumped across the stream and knocked Bernard back into the water as they passed.

Bernard got out of the stream and was uttering some choice words when Duelie snorted.

Bernard was clean and dry for the third time.

"Thanks again." 

"You are welcome, again." 


Clank, Clank, Clank-ah-dee Clank; the sound was getting closer.


Several families of Wiggle-toes ran up to the edge of the stream but could not cross, Wiggle-toes cannot swim.

"Help us across the stream, Please Bernard!" They cried out. "The Clank-monster is coming and will surely gobble use up in an instant. Please Bernard, carry us across!"

As Bernard carried the critters across Duelie asked a question, "How do you know that it is a monster, have you seen it before?"

One of the Mama Wiggle-toes replied, "Well, no, we have not seen it before. But the sound is so clunky, it must be a very large and extremely monstrous thing."


Clank, Clank, Clank-ah-dee Clank; the sound occurred again and the Wiggle-toes all ran away.


Bernard was out of the stream so Duelie snorted, and once again a warm wind blew passed Bernard.

"Thank you," Bernard said with a smile.


The Dueliecorn stated, "Isn't this a strange thing? Everyone is afraid of something that they do not even know what it is, and have never seen.

Actually, it really doesn't sound all that dangerous, the more I hear it."

Bernard replied, "Well, maybe to you it doesn't sound scary, but to the Wiggle-toes, Slim-frogs and the Crabbits, it must sound very scary."

Duelie replied, "Well then, I think it is time to confront this noise and find out what fearsome thing it really is; if it is scary at all.

The noise seems to be coming this way, so come on, get on my back and I will make us both invisible. As the thing passes by we may be able to see what is making that sound."


Bernard jumped on Duelie's back and they both disappeared from view.


Clank, Clank-ah-dee Clank, Clank, the noise drew nearer and nearer to the two stealthy detectives.

Clank-ah-dee Clank, --- the noise was very close when they heard a voice saying, "I know that you are there, I can smell a Dueliecorn from 80 paces."

Duelie began to tremble, just a little, and Bernard, he was shaking something terrible. But neither said a word.


"Oh Dueliecorn, --- I know that you are there!" the voice called out.

Duelie replied without thinking too much about why Duelie should not reply, "Not from 80 paces, that is impossible! However, you should be the one to come out into the clearing so we may see who is making all that noise," Duelie requested, in a very stern voice.

Clank, Clank, Clank-ah-dee Clank; the noise grew even closer.

"So, there is more than just a Dueliecorn that I smell," said the voice. "How many of you are there, two, three, and maybe even four? --- No, my nose says two, a Dueliecorn and a Pikernill; so I must be talking to Bernard and Duelie," said a small Oat-Goat with a very large Moo-Muncher Clunker hanging from its neck.

"Oh, it's you!" Bernard said as Oat-Goat walked further out and into the clearing.

Then Duelie asked, "Where did you get that Moo-Muncher Clunker that is tied around your neck, Little Oat?"

"I told you before; do not call me that name,

My name is Minimal, so call me the same," 

Was the reply from the Oat-Goat.

OK, Minimal, "So where did you get that Moo-Muncher Clunker that is tied around your neck?"

Minimal replied, ---

"The farmer gave me this Clunker and it's magic he said,

it will scare off Wolfies by making pains in their head."

"That's not a Magic Clunker," Bernard stated as he started to laugh. "I have something like that and it sounds much better; it goes, Ting, Ting, and Ting-ah-ling."

Minimal quickly replied, ---

"I believe the farmer more than you,

When he says something, then you know it is true.

This is a magic bell, and I know it is so,

And before you make me mad, I think that I should go."


So Minimal hopped over the stream and headed towards the sapple-tree grove; Clank, Clank, Clank-ah-dee Clank, Clank.


"I'll bet that the farmer gave Minimal that Clunker so that the farmer would know when that Oat-Goat was in the Sapple-tree Grove. All the farmer would have to do is listen for the sound to tell where Minimal was at," the Pikernill stated.

"I think you are right," Duelie said, "Oat-Goat is heading for the Sapple-tree Grove and there is the farmer, quickly walking in the same direction."

Bernard replied, "That poor little Oat-Goat will have no Sapples today, --- unless..."

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Duelie questioned.

"Sure," said Bernard, "We could confuse that farmer long enough for Minimal to eat a Sapple or two; you know, before the farmer finds him."


So Bernard spoke some magic words that made the Oak-Goat's Clunker echo all through the meadow. And for a little while the farmer could not tell what direction the sounds were coming from; so he could not find the little Oat-Goat.


"Now that was fun, watching the farmer run this way and then that way." Bernard said as he and the Dueliecorn walked along the stream.

As the two talked and walked, they both started jumping from one side of the stream to the other.

"Don't fall in the water again," Duelie told Bernard.

"Hay, I know what I am doing! I have been jumping streams for about 200 years now, I guess I know how to ..." --- SPLASH!

Well holy Corn-buckles!" Bernard yelled.

Duelie asked, "Would you like a little wind drying?"

"Yes, please." 


"Shall we ride some clouds today,” Duelie questioned.

"Didn't we do that yesterday?" Bernard asked.

Duelie thought for a moment and replied, "Maybe we did. How about going swimming in Waddle-duck Lake? That would be fun!"

"I think that I have been in the water too much today, already. --- Don't you?" Bernard stated.

Duelie replied, "Oh, --- right, --- I forgot. 



D. Thurmond / JEF --- 03-15-2017

© Copyright 2018 D. Thurmond, aka, JEF. All rights reserved.

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