Emotional Warfare

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Emotions can be a wonderful thing but they can also be the reason for your destruction.

Submitted: March 16, 2017

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Submitted: March 16, 2017



My oh my

My emotions used to fly

I used to drown in the waters of joy

But Now

I drown in the bitter sorrow of pain and hurt


How could you break my trust?

My own Flesh and Blood


You where the reason I fought the battle

But Now

All I see is surrender

Only to be beheaded by my own emotions


How selfish can you be?

How is it that you made me see all the evil

When once all you could blind me with is sweet love


All my regret appointed to the factor of human distrust

How can I trust you when I know you'll change?


How is it that your choices break me?

How do I find salvation

When the comforting name of salvation was my trust in you

Knowing I can always place my heart in a peaceful position because of the promises you make


I told you I will always remain

and oh am I in pain

Your killing me

My emotions are consuming me like a fire consumes its source

Soon my soul would be a faded memory

I will longer be able to love


I don't have a river to give you a drink from


I'm staying

But soon

Your paying.

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