You Need The Courage

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When you've had enough of the bullying, the neglect and no one sticking up for you, but you don't have the courage to do anything you can be sure that you have and unexpected friend to help you out.

Submitted: March 16, 2017

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Submitted: March 16, 2017



Charity Willis sat upright on her bed breathing heavy, and sweat covering her forhead the dream had come again well it wasn't a dream more like a nightmare. The nightmare was always the same every night Charity didn't even need to close her eyes to remember it, the details were memorized. The nightmare would always start with Charity looking at herself in sort of full lenght mirror in a dark room, but Charity could see herself covered in blood although she chould tell that it wasn't her blood. Over the past few months the dreams progressed from mirrors to being in a dark forest, but what Charity found odd the most about the forest dreamm was that she knew she was searching for something or someone. Looking at her alarm clock Charity saw that it was three o' clock am. Friday morning, which meant that she had four more hours of sleep before going to the hell that was known as high school.

When Charity opened her eyes again she saw that the light in her room was higher than it should be, which meant only one thing Charity was late to school again. Looking at her alarm clock Charity saw that it was already eight thirty meaning she was already thiry minutes late for school and first period was almost over, but for Charity she really didn't care. While in the shower Charity thought of the dream about the forest it had felt so real, but at the same time Charity felt like she belonged there. Finally after gettying out of the shower Charity got dressed, and did her best to do her hair although what did it matter Charity would never look good for anyone. With one last look Charity looked at the alarm clock and saw that it was ten fifteen, she had already missed two class periods but Charity really couldn't find it in herself to care.

Thankfully Charity found a ride to get to school her neighbor Ms. Cooper, Charity could always rely on Ms. Cooper something she couldn't do with her or anyone at school. "This has happened all week Charity are you sure everything is okay?" asked Ms. Cooper who was currently at a stop sign, but even here Charity could feel Ms. Cooper look at her waiting for an answer even if Charity didn't know the answer herself. Finally getting to school and assuring Ms.Copper that she didn't have to pick Charity up she was fine walking home, and that she was okay Charity went to the front office where they were less reassured. The principle walked with Charity into his office where he questioned her about resonsibilty, but also if home life was okay and if they need to call her parents over a meeting, although that would have been nice Charity's parents were out of town again. With the ride to school and the imprompto meeting with the princple the time was eleven o' clock, luch time before going to the cafteria Charity got her homework from tthe first three periods, while getting an earful from the teachers Charity didn't bother to listen she heard it before.

Lunch was Charity's favorite time of day, but it was also the worst, even before she got through the door Charity heard the whispers, the laughs "Look the freak is here", or "What the hell is she doing here?" The Lunch line was no diffrent either, although Charity was the last person she could still feel those taunting stares no matter what she did. Making her way to the table Charity heard the sickly sweet laughter of Juliet Mendez the queen bee of the school or as Charity knew her the Tormentor. Ever since Juliet moved to Asheville North Carolina in eighth grade she always saw Charity as a target, for reason even Charity didn't even know although it could be because Juliet's parents were both lawyers and Juliet live in a sort of wealthy neighboorhood in Asheville.

Charity knew at lunch to keep her head down, although it does not stop the murmers and the whispers, she does not have to see them to know that they are talking about her. After what seems like an eternity the bell rings signaling the start of the next class period, walking down the hall a routine Charity has down the past two years she wonders if any seventeen year old has ever felt so lonely. The day went by without anything too exciting happening, one person did talk to her but that was just to borrow a pencil and even that person seemed hesitant to ask. Waiting by the front entrance of the school Charity waited for everyone to leave, although this was a big high school and it took everyone over an hour to leave Charity didn't mind, she didn't have to listen to the whispers again although at home they never left her. It was almost five o' clock when the last group of people left, and Charity made her way of the parking lot and onto the residental streets where Charity was free with her own thoughts without any ridicule or so she thought.

Charity was deep in thought that she didn't even notice the yellow mustang that was slowing down beside her nor did Charity hear the voice call out to her "Hey Charity". Charity didn't have to look to see that it was Juliet along with her two other friends Margaret and Frank, both of which seemed to laughing. As Chairty continued down the road so did Juliet "Hey listen Charity I'm having a party Saturday night, and I was wondeirng if you wanted to come I mean I need some help throwing out the trash". Juliet, Margaret and Frank all laughed while Charity continued to ignore them, it was always like this no matter how much Charity tried to disappear they always seem to find her.

After several minutes of following Charity through the streets Margaret finally left, but not before leaving Charity with some parting words. "Maybe if you didn't look like such a serial killer Charity, you're parents would actually care". By the time Charity spotted her house the sky had already turned a pinkish orange, but what Charity noticed was Ms. Cooper standing near her front door with a box in her hand. "Charity it's nice to see you home safe, how was school?"

"Fine", said Chairty, although when was school ever fine for her. "Well before you come home, this was left near you're front door you know Charity if you were hungry I wouldn't have mind making dinner for you". Charity looked confused at the box Ms. Cooper was holding and saw that it was a pizza box from the local pizza place that she would regulary go to. Taking the box from Ms. Cooper, Charity could still fill the warmth of the pizza from the box so the delievery was not that long ago.

"Thank you Ms. Cooper did you happen to see who dropped of the pizza?" Asked Chairty as she got her house key out of her pocket, "Well that's what's strange I was looking out the window to see when you would arrive, but twenty minutes ago I saw someone in a white hoodie drop the pizza off I wanted to pay them, but by the time I came outside they were already gone". Already inside her house Charity looked at Ms. Cooper to explain herself a bit more, but the look on her face showed that she was just as confused as Charity was, plus she didn't know anyone who wore a white hoodie. Saying their goodbyes and goodnights, and with the promise of Ms. Cooper making Charity breakfast tommorow morning the two women went their seperate ways.

Making her way into the kitchen Charity put the pizza on top of the table, but before eating she put the lights on in her bedroom, Charity didn't know why but the whole serial killer comment from Margaret Charity had been feeling a little uneasy. Going into the kitchen Charity opened the pizza box, and saw that it was a medium size sausage pizza but with a sharp gasp of breath Charity saw something else that sent a chill down her spine. On the top side of the box was a message, and looking at it closely saw tht the message was for her "Charity we know what it's like, to feel negelected and bullied all you need is the courage to do it. Sincerly JW and TR. Reading over the message serveral times Charity still couldn't put it together, the courage to do what, and who were JW and TR getting serveral slices of pizza and putting the rest away in the refrigerator Charity threw the box away putting her mind a little at ease. Turning on the televison and eating pizza was a perfect way to start the weekend in Charity's opinion, and it was going pefectly until Charity's cell phone rang stopping halfway from a bite she contimplated weather or not to answer it, but Charity wanted to hear something other than her own breathing.

Charity choose to answer it instead "Hello?' "Hey sweety, how have you been doing ?" Charity should have hung up, it was the person that she least wanted contact from no matter if they were her parents. "Hey mom, I'm good just eating pizza and watching televison". Charity said with a false cheerfulness in her voice that it made Charity lose her appeite for a second.

Charity could hear her mother laugh on the other end of the line, something that gave Charity a strange snese of comfort even if her parents were all the way in Texas for a vacation. "Well sweetheart your dad and I are at this beautiful resturant in Austin, but why don't you tell me how your week went'?' Charity went still her mother never really wanted to know about what Charity was going through, their conversations were usually one sided and always ended that way. "Hello sweetie are you there?" Charity came back to herself suprised, but also cautious of how her mother was acting whenever Charity's mother was acting whenever Charity's mother was like this it was to put on the good mother role. Charity told her mother about the week she had, and how Ms. Cooper was taking care of her, although Charity left the part about Maragret anything negative about school out, and it did seem nice to talk to her mother about her life instead of just ignoring each other.

"Well honey you're dad and I are about ready to order, why don't you go to sleep". Charity was taken back with back with that, she ddn't know why but Charity felt a little uneasy. "Um, what did you say mom?' Charity didn't know why, but she was almost scared of that statment coming form her mother. "I said go to sleep you sound tired Charity, and listen your father and I will be back home next week until the take care of yourself".

Before Charity could say anything her mother hung up, well at least it was nice to talk to her and Charity did feel tired so the idea of going to sleep didn't seem that bad of an idea. It was happening again, Charity was having the dream but this time she wasnt'in th forest, instead Charity found herself in a balck void with a voice talking to her . "You hav it in you Charity, you can free yourself from this pain and those that are suppposed to care for you". Charity didn't know why, but she found comfort in the voice, but how could she set herself free and from what exactly. "You can be like me Charity". The voice had a face, a face that Charity knew all too well espically the whole world it was Jeff.

With a gasp of breath Charity shot up from her slumber, and looked at the alarm clock to see that it was seven thirty in the morning Charity must have been tired to have slept through the entire night . Sitting on her bed  Charity went over the dream, but most importantly why did she dream about Jeff the Killer last she heard he was spotted in Arizona evading capture from the police again, and going on a killing spree killing at least ten people in th same town. A knock at the door made Charity jump, slowly she got out of bed and down the stairs to the front door looking throught the peephole Charity saw that it was Ms. Cooper probably reminding her of breakfast. Opening the door Charity was greeted with a warm smile from Ms. Cooper "Hello sweetheart, I know this may seem like too much for you but I wanted to make you breakfast".

Charity wanted to say something against it, but it was nice having someoneone else in her home besides lonelness, and it would be nice to have to someone else at the dinner table. "Sure come on in I'll be upstairs to take a shower". Charity didn't have to show Ms. Cooper where the pots and pans were, she had helped her mother before in the kitchen so it wasn't much of a hassle for Ms. Copper to get started. Once in the shower Charity was finally able to put her thoughts together, first of all why was she dreamin about the worlds most psychotic killer and what did he mean she had to have the courage, what was she supposed to have the courage to do?' "Great , even in the shower I can't get my thoughts together".

Getting out of the shower and finally getting dressed Charity was making her way downstaris when she heard Ms. Coopper yelling at someone "Listen I don't think this can last any longer it's been a week, you don't think this is long enough". Before Ms. Cooper could say anything else Charity called downstaris . "Ms. Cooper is everything okay?' It took a few seconds for Ms. Cooper to reply, but when she did she sounded sort of agitated.

"I'm find Charity, I was just talking to your parents you know how they can be". That gave Charity a little sense of calm, but at the same time Charity felt shaken because when she was upstaris the voice coming from Ms. Cooper didn't sound like her it sounded young. Througout breakfast Ms. Cooper made small talk or at times didn't talk at all, which made Charity nervous Ms. Cooper just didn't seem like herself today and the whole thing with the pizza still didn't sit right with her. Getting up from the table Charity put her plate in th sink and was about to do the dishes when Ms. Copper stopped her. "Charity why don't I do that you look like you had another nightmare, got to sleep".

There it was again that uneasy feeling came back to Charity, why was Ms. Cooper telling her to go to sleep that sounded something like Jeff would say. Seeing a small kitchen knofe Charity discretly got it from the sink, and quickly turn around to Ms. Cooper "Seriously, who the hell are you!?" Ms. Cooper gave a bewilderd look to Charity, although it did seem to be a look of amusment. "Sweetheart what are you talking about, put the knife down before you get hurt".

Charity stood her gound never breaking eye contact with the woman. "I'll ask you again, who the hell are you?' Ms. Cooper or this woman supposed to be her did nothing , but give Charity an amused laugh that sounded too young coming from her. "You're a smart one I'l give you that, I thought I was going to have to wait till Sunday to show myself".  Charity looked on as the person who took the place of her loving neigbor turned into a beautiful young woman with pale white features and black eyers that were comletely souless.

Charity knew who this was, this was the same woman who ran with those other  freaks in the night. "You're Ja..." Before Charity could finish saying anything she felt lightheaded and dizzy, and the room was becoming unfoucused that Charity could see other people in the room besides Jane. The last thing Jane rememberd was hitting the floor of the kitchen, all the while hearing a voice that didn't sound human talking to her. When Charity came to everything felt off, she could tell that the place she was in was her room but something was diffrent looking at her alarm clock Charity saw that it was seven at night she had been unconsis the whole day.

 Slow to get up due to the dizziness that she till felt Charity looked around her room for any clue as to what was going on, but she couldn't really pin point anything out that is until she got up and into the hallyway. Charity had thought the darkness in the hallway had been natural occuring, but what she saw completly scared her to death there a few feet in front of her was a tall man in a suit along with that he had no face. Charity tried to move, but the fear in her made it hard to no matter what she did Charity was stuck where she was no matter how hard she tried. Charity started to grow tired everytime she stuggled, not only that but a strange feeling of calm came throught her a feeling that Charity was going to be okay. Finally done struggling the tall man came up towards her, and with what looked like a tendril touched Charity's hand marking it with a circle with an x on top.

During the course of the next seventy two hours the city of Asheville North Carolina became a flurry of police activity, during the hours of eight o' clock there were a series of murders three of them teenagers with their throats slit and blood loss so severe it looked like they were swimming  in it. The victims were Juliet Mendez, Margaret Knox, and Frank Phillips along with having their throats slit each victim had the same message written above their beds in blood. "From a friend". The police went though  everything to figure out why these three teenagers were murdered, and what they all had in common but they would not get their answer two days later. The police had gotten a call from a concerned citizen asking about the wellfare of their neighbor Ms. Cooper, she had been taking care of a young girl and she hasn't been seen in about two days.

With everything that had been going on the police took extra caution, and went to Ms. Coopers house only to make a horrifying and gruesome discovery. The police searched the house until they reached the bedroom there in the bed lay Ms. Copper throat slit and who looked to have been dead for a week. Wehn telling the news to the neighbors they all said it was impossibble Ms. Copper was taking care of Charity the whole time, when asked who Charity was they said she ;ived next door of Ms. Copper, the police went to investigate. When the police went inside they excpected to find the worst except all they found was a couple of dirty dishes, but upstairs they found something intreging and that made no sense to them. In Charity"s bedroom they found a note that said "With friends finally taken care of".

The police had no idea what this meant, but they also found Charity"s cell phone looking throuh it they saw that she had recieved a phone call from her mother a few days earlier. Askimg around the police found out that the Willis were in Texas for vacation, and they often left Charity by herself although the thought of Charity going missing was completley unheard of. Taking the phone back to the station the police had the last call to Charity traced, and to their shock it wasn"t made in Austin, but in Charlotte North Carolina at a Motel 6. Talking with the law enforcement about the situation, the police in Charlotte searched the motel with the help of the owner and according to him, he did lend out a room to a woman matching Charity"s mother, and although it was close to midnight at the time she didn"t seem to be in any distress, Finall reaching the door of the room the drew their guns being cautious of what they were going to find, but never fully preparing themselves for what they would see or smell.

When they opened the door the police were greeted with the foul oder of decay and death, it took everything within them not to throw up and with good reason, brcause up on the bed were Mr and Mrs Willis throats slit. From what people could gather in Asheville Mr and Mrs Willis were never in Austin not only were their suitcases still packed but with a call to the hotel the couple resrved they never made it, but the question some people had was who was Charity talking to, and wgere was Charity. Believing Charity had been kidnapped Asheville police issued an Amber Alert telling the public to be careful, that she could be with someone dangerous and whoever Charity was with could hurt her as well. Over the next several wels things went back to normal aside from the group of detectives trying to figure out Charity"s case, and a couple of sightings from people who thought they saw Charity, other than that things seemed normal. It had been a year since the killings and disapperance 0f Charity Willis and no one had heard from her, until a delivery came for one of the detictives opening the box he saw a note written in blood saying "I'm okay I'm with friends". 



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