My Journey, Part II

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This is just a continuation of My Journey.

Submitted: March 16, 2017

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Submitted: March 16, 2017



If you haven’t read my last short story, My Journey, then you need to read this, as this is the sequal to it.
So as I mentioned, things between Claire and Ellie and I aren’t the best. Although Ellie has started sitting in my lunch room, she hasn’t been as nice as she used to be. I’m hoping it’s just puberty, but you never know. She seems more gossipy and gets mad easier. I’m going to add a paragraph written by Claire that might help explain things better. (I'm Cherry, by the way. Tha's not my real name, but you know. Privacy.) Cherry was an ordinary girl moving away from her home, once again. When she started school, she met a wonderful girl named Grace. So much in common. They were such great friends and then they weren't. They were having major drama. ?Cherry and Grace started to drift apart until finally Cherry was leaving for good. Grace was very upset that she didn't want to talk to her. Cherry moved to another school and met a wonderful girl named Ellie. She always sat next to me and we had much in common. The only problem is, is we were in different grades. Over the summer, Cherry met a awesome girl names Claire and they really hit it off. They had so much in common. But, Cherry and Ellie drifted away. At our school, we have 2 cafeterias. One for the 5th and 6th, then one for the 7th and 8th. Since Ellie was in 6th and Cherry was in 7th, they didn't get to talk anymore. Cherry and Claire started to separate because of a new girl. The new girl, Tammy, always hung out with Cherry. So, Claire started to reconnect with her old friends. Cherry got mad sometimes because she didn't have much time to talk to Claire. Claire and Tammy don't really like each other. They are 2 completely different people. Cherry hung out with Tammy and Cherry hung out with her friends. Cherry always thought Claire was popular. It doesn't matter what your labels are. All that matters are your friends. Claire and Cherry had many fights, that was one of the reasons why they became torn apart. Now, Cherry has Tammy and Claire has her friends.
I hope that helped. I’m not the best at explaining things so that’s in case you’re wondering what the story’s like from a different point of view. Anyway, things still haven’t been the best with all the girls. Tammy and I have become really good friends, and that is causing some problems. I’m not trying to exclude anyone, but it’s hard. It seems like no matter how hard I try, someone gets mad. Ok, enough about my irrelevant feelings. I’ll get on with the story.
So my class has these huge sleepovers at each other’s houses. It’s normally about 7 to 9 girls at each sleepover (Yes, there’s bigger, but it’s pretty big if you think about it) And every time, for no reason whatsoever, I end up feeling like nothing in this world matters. In other words, I get depressed during the sleepover and it takes hours for me to feel better. I don’t know what happens. Out of at least 5 sleepovers, only 1 of them didn’t go wrong for me. My depressed state always cause drama and ruins the evening. I don’t even know why people invite me, I’m such a worm. Hmph.
Claire also likes to take all the girls skating as well, which both of those occasions, I left early. I don’t go to the skating nights anymore. Claire has also started taking us to this trampoline place, and that has been better, but not the best. There’s still drama, but I hope it gets better. Oh, I’m rambling on again. I’ll keep going.
I’ve noticed that the better friends I become with Tammy, the more I drift apart from Claire. Claire and I have been through a lot together, and it’s hard when you start drifting apart. I miss the days during the summer when things weren’t hard. Ok, here’s the thing. This is kind of like my diary in a way. Basically about what’s going on. So I’m trying not to play the “poor me” act, as no one wants to read that. Just please stick through this, it’s better when I have a place to vent to.
I’ll make a part three, as right now, I don’t have much to talk about. It’s pretty much the same-old, same-old for me. I might be a bit, but I’ll see you then. Thanks for reading!

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