We Will Make It

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My husband and I have struggled to the max and my self therapy is writing about the struggles, but ending it on a positive note full of hope

Submitted: March 16, 2017

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Submitted: March 16, 2017



We Will Make It


I close my eyes to escape this place

Now I am in your arms as you caress my face

All heartaches and tears forgotten and forgiven

Moving forward without looking back is finally livin'

Filling in our holes of hurt with love so we can last

Finally able to move forward by letting go of the past


For all I have let you down, I am sorry and full of regret

It doesn't matter who says we should, I wont give up yet!

I can still see our future in your eyes

Lessons I have learned from, makes me wise

I don't want ANYTHING if I can't have my family.

If family was all I had left, it's all I'd need, really


We are so broken, so torn, so worn out it feels 'spent.'

I KNOW we can fix it, we aren't broken just 'bent.'

So,with our hands clasped together around our pole of life

We bend it straight again, staring in to each others eyes

I feel so empty when we are off-beat

I just know there is nothing our love can't defeat,


Let's be ' US' again, instead of just you and then me

Come together once more, like one heartbeat

The family we want only exists with us together

Which means we have to make it through whatever.

Now I see us calm and centered, I am in your arms so still

Holding each other so close, that letting go we never will

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We Will Make It

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