Eerie Surprise: A Tale About Child Molestation in the Black Community

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Submitted: March 16, 2017

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Submitted: March 16, 2017



It is Christmas break. Lamar and his younger sister, Michelle, are helping their mother clean up the house because their uncle, John, is coming over to spend time with them. He will be helping out with the cooking since he is a chef back in Los Angeles. John hasn't been to his hometown (Southern Avenue in Southeast DC) since Lamar graduated middle school. Michelle is using the vacuum and Lamar is cleaning tables and glass objects. Once they're finished cleaning up, the mother starts to watch Christmas movies in the living room while the kids go up to their rooms for the rest of the night. Both of them are pretty excited that their uncle is coming, but Michelle shows the most excitement.


Around 3 p.m. the next day, John finally arrives to their home. Everyone is filled with joy during this moment. The uncle starts talking about how Michelle has gotten beautiful over the years and how Lamar has gained a lot of muscle. Before him and the mother cook, John sits down with them in order to talk about how life is in Los Angeles. The kids are amazed. He has made food for famous people and was nominated chef of the year at least 3 times. He tells Michelle that if he could, he would let her meet his workers at the restaurant he works in Los Ageneles. John claims that they will be amazed by her beauty. The mother is a bit confused with what's going on. She ends up brushing it off though. After that, the uncle talks to Lamar about his wrestling team. Lamar has only lost one match so far. He is the most respected person in Ballou High School.


His mom told John that he has been getting in some trouble however. Earlier in the year, he fought a 21-year old man around Benning Road. The police ended up coming. The man got his nose broken. Since the man didn't want to press charges, nothing really happened in that situation. In September, his mom caught him drinking Ciroc. John told him this after hearing what the mother said: "You better than that, nephew. I know you are. You are about to graduate high school next year. Don't start fucking up. I will not let you become a statistic. Not on my goddamn watch. I don't want to hear that you are acting like a lot of these niggas around here. I definitely don't want to hear that you got killed all because you were acting a fool. Nuh uh. I love you. Don't get in any more trouble, ya hear? Alright!" Lamar is annoyed a little bit but he just nods in agreement and tells Michelle to go with him to Iverson Mall.


He still has to get his mom a gift. They take the car he recently got in order to go there. Lamar finds a blue dress and some high heels at Burlington. When they are walking to the food court, his friend from school, Lil Nell, asks him if he wants to smoke some loud. Lamar tells him no and Lil Nell says that he will see him later. Michelle then turns to Lamar to tell him that their mom will love the dress and heels they bought for her. Lamar chose the carry out restaurant for them to eat. They went back home afterwards. Back at home, they played Call of Duty until their mom and uncle finished cooking. The cooking took them about 3-4 hours. At night time, they took family pictures and watched Christmas movies together. It was only a few more hours until Christmas day. In their movie time, John did talk about Michelle's looks by saying "I bet you could get any boy in the world".


While Lamar was sleeping, he kept hearing Michelle's door back and forth. He heard it so many times that he had to check out what was going on. Lamar looked and saw that his uncle was walking in there. He whispered to himself, "this nigga weird as fuck, slim". John had a room of his own, yet he's going in her room? Lamar was totally confused in this situation. Because of this, he didn't want to investigate any further and decided to go back to sleep.


Christmas day is now here. Before opening presents, they prayed. Every present to them was precious. The mother almost fainted when she saw the blue dress and the high heels. For the rest of the day, they ate food and watched the last of the Christmas movies. Just like the other night, Lamar did hear Michelle's door. This time though, it was only one time the door made a noise and when he looked, his uncle was walking in the room naked. Also like the other day, he brushed it off. Lamar thought his uncle had some type of disorder.


In the morning, the family eats breakfast and John talks about his future plans in Los Angeles since he plans on leaving in two days. John wants to have his own restaurant. He does get bored of working for others. The uncle tells Michelle that he would make her a plate of one of his famous dishes. Some time around the afternoon, mom and Lamar go out. The mom goes to the supermarker while Lmaar goes to the community center, so that he can play some basketball. John and Michelle are along in the house together.


Things go well until about 2-3 minutes before Lamar comes back home. While he's on the way home, John starts to show his true colors. He walks in her room telling her how pretty she is and tells Michelle to close her eyes. Once she does that, he starts to take his clothes off slowly. By the time he's finished, his penis is erect. He puts it near her shoulder and says to Michelle, "Grab the object next to your left shoulder. It's a surprise". The next thing he makes her do is to rub it. A few seconds later, he tells her to open her eyes. She immediately screams and cries. Lamar rushes inside and sees the most disgusting thing he thought could never happen. His own uncle a child predator? On top of that, he molested his own family member? He was furious. Lamar was cussing him out. He uncle tried to act like he was innocent. Lamar knew he was a liar. All respect was lost during this moment. John stormed off. Lamar hugged his sister for a long time while in tears.


Two hours later, their mom came back. Lamar and Michelle had to act like things were perfect. Wondering where his uncle was, he asked his mom where he was and she said that she went to Iverson Mall. An idea was made. Lamar went to the bathroom and called Lil Nell. As soon as Nell picked up, Lamar told him: "Look, brah. I know this sounds crazy, but I caught my bitch ass uncle molesting my sister. My own flesh and blood, slim! Ol dirty ass nigga. He's not gonna slide. I love my little sister. I'm the big brother. I gotta protect her, fool. This is some wild shit, but I got a plan. I know you got the dog. He's at Iverson Mall. Kidnap his bitch ass and take him to the bando around Minnesota Ave. I'll meet you there when you got him and we'll see what we gonna do with the nigga". Lil Nell agreed with the plan. He was actually molested as a kid himself. The predator got away with it, so there was no justice.


Lil Nell parks in the dark parking lot around Iverson Mall. Nell didn't have to wait long to see John. John was smoking a cigarette not too far from him. Nell put on his ski mask. He got out his car and pointed the gun at the uncle, demanding him to get in the trunk. It went smooth. Nell sent Lamar a text saying he's on his way to the bando. Mom was taking a nap. Lamar got his car and drove up to the bando. John was screaming his head of. He didn't know why he was taken. Lamar arrived and he knew what was about to happen. Both of the boys took turns punchinh him. John kept trying to claim he was sorry, but that made them even angrier. The boys eventually got tired, but Lamar shot him in the head before they left. Lil Nell was surprised he killed him. He thought the plan was to just give him some injuries.


Nell decides that it is best to leave the scene. What they didn't know was a neighbor actually called the police and gave them the license plate of their cars. Escaping the murder didn't go well. Besides the call, they had blood on their clothes and knuckles. Lamar received a life sentence and Nell received 20 years. Lamar's mom called him evil and a piece of shit during the trial. She was in serious denial about her brother being a child molester. She didn't see him in jail and prevented Michelle from doing so when it first happened. Two years later after Lamar was sentenced, the mom did ask Michelle if it was true. When Michelle said yes, she was extremely sad. She fell into depression and killed herself four months after the confession by overdosing on pills.

With this happening and still upset with what her uncle did, Michelle became more aggressive and dropped out of the 10th grade. A year later after her mother's suicide, she was kiled after a go-go by a girl she fought at school before she dropped out. 






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