Lust (Short-Story Preview)

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A small preview on my next work, it will be a collection of books under the series titled The 7 deadly sins, as you can see by this preview book one will be "Lust", Please enjoy the preview and be watching for chapter 1 of Lust!

Submitted: March 16, 2017

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Submitted: March 16, 2017




Chapter 1: Sin


Sin...Some fear the word, Some simply do not care about it, they think that the words that talk about it are false, simply because they cannot be proven to be true, On the other hand there are the firm believers that sin is the one way ticket to hell, now I ask you all as the readers, Which side are you on?


When it comes to sin, there are a deadly 7, some say there are other hidden ones that are out there just not said, for instance, grief, fear, betrayal, I see these three as far more deadly sins than the ones this series will talk about, however it is not my place to suddenly say that the old words that have been spoken, and worshiped for centuries, decades even are not true, but it is my place to tell you the stories behind these sins, and just what happened to make them deadly. The first story that I shall tell is that of both love, betrayal, and alas death.


Stick with me through this series and you may just find out what makes these sins...just so deadly...

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