First Fall

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It is impossible to encounter the same exact feeling in two different occasions.

Submitted: March 16, 2017

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Submitted: March 16, 2017



You can still see it clearly in your mind. You were so skinny in that blouse and ankle-length skirt. It was your school uniform but seems like it's not. Maybe you were just too short - appears to be in elementary school but already in high school. Damn, you wish you were pretty.
You were surrounded with people when you're twelve years old. It was the age of your glory and recognition, second-year high school. It was sad to see how your little notebook struggled with different kinds of readers. It's okay, you said, as long as your stories on it are being read. As long as you hear praises and anticipation from your classmates. You kept on writing.
You were on your third-year in high school when you transferred. You didn't want to, but you had to because you never wanted to see that short, dark and fat teacher anymore. You hated her on the same degree of how you hated that red mark on your class card.
First days in school are one of the greatest moments. Impressions are to be made. From there, you can tell if you are moving forward or about to face a big fall. 
You faced a big fall.
It was a big, long fall. Until the fourth year came. Things have changed.
You remember that boy. That shy and academic boy. You first met on Friendster. You vibed right away as you two admire the Japanese singer, YUI. You caught his interest. You were neutral that time.
You saw him for the first time when he transferred from the other branch of your school. He was looking for you, a classmate said. You feel embarrassed. Why would someone who is popular in school be interested to a nobody like you?
 He was recognized; You were set aside.
He has friends; You're on your own.
He smiled a lot; You continue to wear that apathetic mask.
Until one day, he approached you on your favorite spot in school. Smiling, he handed you a book. You realized it's a Japanese comic book. A manga. "Read it." He said, and immediately left. 
You don't remember the title of that manga now. All you can remember was him approaching you nearer as you try to hide the excitement and terror at the same time.
Days later, he approached you often, throwing up some casual conversation about anime. He found out that you do also draw. He showed you his portfolio and you weren't sure if you felt a sting of enviousness or a sense of admiration.
You two talked a lot then. You gave each others' numbers. Your classmates started to talk to you. You started to feel that you are part of that class. He changed your life indeed.
Graduation came nearer. He finally told you his feelings. You were certain that you are uncertain.
He said that he would wait. "Let's date after we graduate in College." 
Yes, you remember how your mother threatened you, that if she finds out that you're dating someone, you'll stop studying. Never go to school again.
It didn't happen. After you graduated in College, you didn't see him again. You don't want to. You were young. You thought you made a mistake. You thought you could keep a promise.
From then on, you tried to avoid making promises. 
It was your first fall -- first fall to false feelings.

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