If Only

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Submitted: March 17, 2017

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Submitted: March 17, 2017



The Choice!!

I open my eyes to bright Blue sky. My head feels heavy, limbs weak, throat dry. The roar of the tide brings me back to reality.I am hallucinating. "Take a deep breath!", My head throbs as i tell myself. in between my hallucination i remember last night clearly. I remember flying over Canada. I had then recalled how my parents had decided to move to this country for better fututre and how i had resisted to leave my old friends and surrounding, I was the only reason we had stayed in a country that had to become warfield later on. I had lost my parents to the war. I was an immigrant orphan being flown to relatives in America. There i was flying away from a war, It was then, when the plane had crashed. It is a miracle i am alive. Alive on a deserted sea shore, sun burning in my eyes. I did not die in plane crash but will surely die at this deserted place, a thought crosses my mind. It is when I see a figure clad in Red cloths. It is a girl in Red flowery frock with short hair, she must be of my age, I can not see her face clearly, Sun above is making it hard for me to see. I want to cry out for help, but my throat is too dry to utter a word. Girl is  enjoying herself on a shore, Being barefooted does not seem to bother her, It is pleasure to watch her dance against the melody of tides thudding on the sand. Stinging pain fills my heart at the memory of my mother. My mother had promised to gift me similar dress the girl is wearing for my birthday. I somehow gather the strength to sit up when i see a couple sitting on a nearby rock. Well I am not going to die on this shore, it is not deserted. I am hugely relieved. I can see sides of their faces when they look lovingly at their daughter. She is engrossed in herself. It seems the man is talking about his buiseness now, how it has flourished in a small span. The lady laughs whole-heartedly. She says that surely it was a good choice to start buiseness here. She seemed very proud talking about how their daughter has adopted to new surroundings so quickly. Her husband agrees saying it was a difficult choice to come here against her will and he had not thought that she will love this place this immensely.

I have moved a little closer, I can see girl's face a little more clearly now, she must be of my age. It seemed to be getting late for them, as the couple calls out to her and turn to face her. I stare at them walking away, I stare in shock. I know her. With all the strength left within me i call out to girl ,"Angela...!!" I am relieved when the girl looks back. I am in front of her but she seems to be looking through me. Her parents ask her to hurry when she tells them she heard someone caling out her name. "It must be the tides darling", her mother says. Girl laughs and nodds as the trio leaves. I keep on calling her name but nobody looks back.

I am alone on a deserted shore. I am Angela Lihaibi. I wish my parents were not dead. The girl on the shore is the result of a different choice. Our universes have tragically collided! I was not supposed to see her, She was not supposed to hear me. It was a bug in universe's programming. Angela Lihaibi left with my parents leaving thin inpenetrable wall of choice invisible between us. I lie there. Sun burning over me, tides roaring in my ears!

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