Sold and Trained

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Submitted: March 17, 2017

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Submitted: March 17, 2017



   Chapter 1


MOM! yelled Mikayla from the other room.

Yes dear?

Mom, where are my running shorts?

I don't know Mikayla, did you look in the laundry room?

Yes, and they weren't in there.

I don't know what to tell you then sweetheart.

Ugh! whatever, thanks for nothing. Nevermind I found them!

Mom! I'm going walking I'll be back in a little while.

Alright Sweety, be safe.

Okay mom, I will.

It is a perfect day to go for a walk; Mikayla thinks as she heads away from her house and heads to the park.

Mikayla had always liked walking through the park especially lately. She had made it her routine to try and go out everyday and walk for a couple hours to help her with stress and give herself time to be alone, to work out any issues she might be having as well. Walking was her alone time and Mikayla enjoyed it.

An hour had passed since Mikayla had been at the park as she was walking she got this sudden feeling that she was being followed but when she turned around nobody was in sight. She brushed off the feeling and decided to keep walking despite the feeling not going away. She had to much on her mind to start getting paranoid about a feeling. So she put on her earphones turned up her music and allowed herself to relax and stop thinking about the earlier feelings of being followed.

What Mikayla didn't know was that not only was she being followed, but 3 men had been watching and waiting for the past month to find the perfect time to snatch her up and take her away to be sold. The men had finally come to an agreement that today would be the perfect day, since not only was mikayla alone she was relaxed and not on the alert for the unexpected.

The 3 men sneak up behinde her, one knocks her out while the other two are directed to binde her up and cover her head.

She is taken to a waiting van and is layed gently on the back seat. The men had been told to cause the least amount of damage and bruising as possible to the girl so her selling value could stay quite high.

As Mikayla is waking up she feels herself being lifted and carried, to where.. she had no idea, but she wasnt so sure she wanted to know just yet.

The men carry her inside a huge underground bunker located in the middle of nowhere. They uncover her face and put a collar around her neck then proceed to put shackles on her hands, then unbinde both her hands and feet all the while keeping her blindfolded. They then proceed to cut off her blindfold allowing her a few seconds to let her eyes adjust to the bright lighting of the room. As her eyes have finally adjusted and she can see clearly the men then explain to her the process of whats to happen in the next hour.

You will call me sir, says the man. After he tells the other men to leave the room. You are about to be walked out on a stage, the man explains. You are not allowed to speak or move if you do you will be punished. Is that understood?

Yes..yes sir

You will be made nude once I finish speaking if you resist or attept to hide yourself afterward or while on stage, you will be punished. Is that understood?


You dont speak unless spoken to understood?

Ye-yes sir

You no longer have a name, you are worth nothing to anybody, you will be sold to a master who bids the most for you and after he may do whatever he likes to or with you and you will have no say. Is that understood slave?

Ye-ye-yes sir.


The man then proceedes to remove Mikaylas clothes as he does he notices just how supple and smooth her breasts are and how pink and deliscious her sweet pussy looks. Then he sees her lips, oh god! those lips. He cant take it any longer. He finishes undressing her and closes the door.

As he walks towards her he unzips his pants allowing his 11in cock to spring to life outside his pants. Mikayla freaks out realizing what is about to happen...but what she doesnt know is her squirming and crying only makes him harder. To make sure she cant bite his cock he puts a guard in her mouth to keep her mouth open.

"She looks beautiful" he thinks.

As he is about to make her deepthroat his cock he realizes he needs to use the restroom  but not wanting to leave the beautiful sight before him he get an idea.

He tells her, you are the most beautiful sight I have ever seen and for that I cannot leave your presence not even for a second and I really have to use the restroom so I have come up with a wonderful idea. You shall drink my piss!

Mikayla starts really freaking out knowing that because her mouth is being held wide open he can do whatever he wants and she cant protest or fight it. All she can do is cry, and thats exactly what she does.

The man explains I am going to piss in your mouth you have to drink it all if you miss any you will be punished.. is that understood?

Mikayla nods and cries harder.

The man walks up to her, grabs her hair to hold her head so she cant move it as grabs his cock with his other hand to line it up with her mouth. The he releases the yellow stream into her beautiful waiting mouth.

Mikayla finds the taste of his piss so revolting she doesnt even want to swollow but instead vomit, but not wanting the fluid to build up in her mouth she swollows, reminding herself that if she misses any that she will be punished and knows whatever punishment she recieves will be way worse than swollowing some piss.

The man finally finishes pissing and porceeds to throatfuck her. Once he is close to finishing he tells her that he is going to cum in her mouth and that she has to swallow all of his cum, otherwise should any leak out she will be punished.

As Mikayla gets herself ready he shoves his whole cock deep in her throat making her gag once she stops gagging he releases streams and streams of hot gooy thick cum straight down her throat for her to swallow. She swallows it all again reminding her self that the punishment is worse than just doing what she is told.

Once the man finishes he puts his flaccid cock away zips up his pants opens the door and takes Mikayla to the back of the stage to await her turn to be sold to her master.

It is finally her turn naked and afraid she is made to walk to the front of the stage in front of a whole crowd of men.Mikayla says nothing nor does she move knowing that if she does either she will be punished terribly. As she stands there with her head down she listens to the prices being called for her. Her value stops at $3500. Mikayla doesnt even look up, she doesnt care , she has come to terms with her captivity knowing she will never be free again, she decides to become the best slave that she can be.

Mikalya is taken off the stage and put back in her cell to await the end of the life she once knew and to begin a life she never even knew existed.

She hears the door to her cell being opened and in walks the man she knew from before and the man that she assumes is the one who just bought her.

The man was tall seemed to be atleast 6ft, real dark deep eyes, dark tan skin, and long wavy dark hair ( she wondered if he was a Native American). He was dressed well, real well.. like expensive type well. Mikayla figured he must be a very wealthy man and decided to hope that maybe he would be a good master.

As she is looking at him and thinking he begins to speak to her. Mikayla listens remembering not speak unless spoken to.

My name is Damion even though that has no significance to you since you will only call me Master, unless I say otherwise. You are my personal sex slave and will be treated as such. You have nothing to worry about you will not be punished nor will you ever be hurt unless I think you deserve it, if you want it, or if I just feel like inflicting it (which doesnt happen very often). Is that understood Slave?

Ye-ye-yes Master.

Unbinde my Slaves feet he directed to the man next to him.


Ye-ye yes Master?

Never are you allowed to walk in my presence until I think you have gained that right, is that understood Slave?

Ye-ye-Yes Master.

After Mikaylas feet were unbound she proceeded to her hands and knees while her Master attached a personal leash to her collar as he directed her to follow him.


Yes Master?

In my car there is a cage its a very very big cage. Its yours. I have made the bottom soft so you can move comfortably in it. There is also a food and water bowl as well as a potty pad.


Thank your Master Slave!

Thank-you Master.

Once we arrive to my car it is your duty to get into the cage with no issues if you disobey me you will highly regret it once we arrive at your new home. Do you understand me?

Yes Master.

Mikayla did as she was told and got into the cage without an issue, once arriving at her masters car. Once he was in the front and the car started moving Mikayla cried and cried and cried herself to sleep knowing the car ride would probably be a long one and probably wouldnt arrive to her new life/home till the evening or the morrow.

Mikayla awoke the next morning in a room that had been transformed into a cage. There was no bed but in its place what looked like a huge doggie bed with a few blankets, which happened to be exactly what she was laying on. Next she saw a thick pad which she assumed is what she was supposed to use the restroom on when needed. As she was just sitting up she heard the door being unlocked and her Master walked in.

Sleep well slave?



That is not how you answer your master. Lets try again! Sleep well slave?

Yes Master.

Thats better.Its time to begin your training.

When ever you see me I want you to go down to your knees hands locked behinde your head with your knees apart and boobs out. Understand?

Yes Master.

Good! Show me then.

Mikayla did exactly as she was directed.

Good Slave. You have made your master happy.

Does that make you happy?

Yes Master.

Good. Are you hungry?

Yes master.

Mikaylas Master then beings to explain her morning routine.Everymorning before getting food and water you will be required to drink my morning urine afterward you will give me a blowjob and swallow my cum when I finish. If you fail to drank all the urine and/or cum you will be punished. Do you understand?

Yes Master.

Good! Lets begin


Thats what I have so far please tell me what you think.














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