Binding Memories

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Hello this is the Third book to the Bind's books I have already written. First one was "Restricting Binds" and the other one was "Escaping Binds" now this one is called Binding Memories because this story is all about Sam and how he has grown older and is now trapped by his own memories, trapped by his own past, and the struggle he has to become who he wants to be with Ash by his side, and Carlo showing up every now and again. He doesn't return to England because he has no life there, and he doesn't want to leave Ash behind alone. I hope you look forward to reading this book and to keep up with each new chapter, I am unsure of how long this story will be, or how many words in each chapter, so please bare with me and enjoy Sam's new journey.

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Chapter 1

Submitted: March 17, 2017

So Sam has decided to stay in America, and stay with Ash, now isn't that just adorable, I wonder how he will handle growing up with a new person he has never met, and what they plan to do with their life. Read Chapter