Love at Sight

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No one believes in love at first sight until that special person comes along and steals your heart. When I first met her I had no idea she would mean so much to me and being around her will be the only thing that would bring peace to me.

Submitted: March 17, 2017

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Submitted: March 17, 2017



No one believes in love at first sight until that special person comes along and steals your heart. When I first met her I had no idea she would mean so much to me and being around her will be the only thing that would bring peace to me.


I rang the doorbell to my apartment. I don’t know why I was so anxious to go into my own apartment. I was nervous the whole ride up the elevator, ordering myself to pull it together and not to feel or look nervous, which obviously did not work.

Ash opened the door. She wore a black t-shirt that said “party” in pink, blackpajamas and she tied up her hair in a messy bun. She looked cute. I smiled at her apologetically and said, “Hi, Sorry I’m late”.

“Hmm, it’s fine, we didn’t miss you much”, she said.

I let out a small laugh as I pulled my foot out of the shoe. Ash went back to lying on Dhriti’s lap on the couch, where they were watching TV.

I looked at her and my heart sank, mesmerised by her beauty.  A chill of ecstasy went through my body .

“Really”, I said, “I find that very hard to believe”.

The girls looked at each other and started to laugh.

Ash is my cousin, she planned to spend her vacation in Mumbai with me and she brought her best friend, Dhriti, along. Dhriti is my love at first sight .I don’t know how and why, but when I first saw her my heart said, “there you are I have been looking for you all my life”.

They had come to the city for the first time and given my connection with Dhriti, I decided to take time off work and show them the city. We had a lot fun in the past two days. But today, unfortunately, I was called in at work. The girls decided to spend the day shopping and I promised them, their last night in Mumbai would be unforgettable. Well, I just planned to get Ash drunk and she would be our entertainer for the rest of the night.

I freshened up, changed into something comfortable and sat down on the floor leaning on the couch rim, with the girls. I glanced up at Dhriti. She was breath-taking in the blue top and white shorts. I knew I had fallen for her. She was like no other girl I have ever met. She didn’t require any make up to look pretty. She was a natural beauty. Her midnight-black hair flowed over her shoulders. Her glossy skin sparked her brown eyes. The curve of her puffy, heart shaped lips brought out the most spectacular dimple on her cheek. If this was not enough to make a man fall for her then there was her voice (soothing sweet voice), which would do the trick. She has this amazing personality; simple, chirpy and funny. I didn’t know how to tell her that I wanted her; I wanted to be with her. And here I was spending the last night with her, I had to do something.

“Hey, Tarun, what are we doing for dinner?” Dhriti asked, poking my shoulder. It hurt but I didn’t mind.

“I thought we’ll order something in” I said, “aaaand(shaking my hands as if I was presenting a product), I have a large of bottle of vodka, let’s get drunk”, followed by a devilish laugh , that made Dhriti laugh so hard that she unwantedly hit Ash’s face with her elbow, which made me laugh and Ash annoyed. Well, laughter is contagious. Ash started laughing too. This laughter session went on for quite some time. We would stop laughing then looked at each other’s faces and burst into laughter again.

Finally, I got up (wiping off my tears that fell from laughing), and ordered Chinese. Then, I poured Vodka in three shot glasses.

“Cheers!” the three of exclaimed as we clinked our glasses and gulped the warm spirit down our throats.

Hours passed by drinking, eating, dancing and laughing. Ash had passed out on the sofa and was most likely to stay that way until morning. Dhriti and I felt sober (guess all the laughing at Ash’s dancing sobered us).

Dhriti got a blanket from inside and delicately laid it over Ash. And I was foolishly staring at her from across the living room. She knew I was staring but instead of complaining, she gave me the million dollar smile (for which I would gladly pay).

She started to clean around. I felt this urge to walk towards her, follow her, like a lost puppy. It was as if she was my own personal gravity.

Suddenly I had all this gut come into me. I was behind her, I pulled her by her elbow, making her turn towards me and come really close to me. She looked up at me, surprised by the pull, but didn’t try to come of out of my lock.

“You know”, I said, tucking the strand of hair, falling upon her eye, behind her ear (tenderly), “you are amazing and exceptionally beautiful”.

We stared at each other in silence. She was breathing heavily. I was looking into her eyes and I was falling in love with her again. She started to smile. Man! I was about to go down.

“Really? I expected a cheesier line actually”, she said (smirking) and escaped from me.

She walked towards my room, gesturing me to follow. I walked into the room, locking the door behind me.

She was standing right in front me .I kissed her. I moved in fast, but she saw it coming and didn’t turn away. Her lips were cold and flavoured with mint-laced strawberry. I wondered when she applied the flavoured lip balm. Delicious . All the chaotic emotion and energy that was bumping inside me abruptly became too much to contain. I shoved a hand in her glorious hair and the other around her waist, pulling her closer. I digged in deeper in her mouth and explored it with my tongue. She groaned and it was the most erotic sound I have ever heard, making the flesh between my legs tighten.

Dhriti wrenched away, gasping. I followed her, nuzzling the side of her face, my lips brushing over her ears. She shivered. She was breathing hard, too.

“I’m in love with you”, I whispered roughly, “I want you!”

She didn’t answer me, but I could see the answer in her eyes. She loved me.

I woke up to the sound of the alarm. Dhriti’s head was on my chest with her hand slung over me. I carefully picked up my phone to turn off the alarm and hoping I don’t wake Dhriti up. Then, the whole night came back to me. The drinking, dancing, staring, kissing (best part) and talking. Oh yea we talked about her family, my family, her dreams, my dreams, puppies, kids, practically everything (ha-ha). I looked at her and it felt so wonderful to see such a pleasant face. Makes me feel like kidnapping her and taking her away to some place where no one would disturb us. It would be me and my Dhriti and the never ending bliss.


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