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Chapter1 (v.1) - First VICTORY

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 17, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 17, 2017









The city was alight. It was unification day, the imposed government holiday which marked the day the aliens and humans united. The ADVENT peacekeepers were out in force to snuff out any unruly behavior, the peacemakers were the ADVENTS replacement for human police officers and human military. They looked like humans, moved like humans but nobody was quite sure what rested under their helmets. They were careful not to take their helmets off in public. Perhaps because there was something that they did not want anyone to see. 


The soldiers were on edge as Central walked through the crowds taking in the sites of ADVENT city. They had almost terraformed all the major cities around the world. New England, New Paris, New Kochi, advanced medical treatment, no crime, no disease. It was no surprise that nobody could see past the facade the aliens had put up to cover up what was going on behind the medical treatment and the new lights and skyscrapers.

There was another figure gliding through the crowd. Lieutenant Kelly, she was ex Canadian intelligence, knew how to blend in, stay undetected. Back then the aliens were the enemies trying to take what wasn’t there’s. 20 years on, things had changed substantially, now anyone standing up to the ADVENT were considered enemies not just by the aliens but by human citizens as well. Fueled by the propaganda screens of ADVENT being shown as the protectors against the rebels of the old world. 


“Wow, they are really on edge today, like they are expecting something.” They were usually very careful in making sure everybody was clean. ADVENT had set up security checkpoints in every inch of the city, even more than usual, almost as if the peacekeepers were expecting trouble. 


“Stay focused, I am 30 seconds out” instructed Central. Many years had passed by until some form of actionable intel came out of hiding but it had finally been found. The location of the commander. Right now the resistance was shambles, no chain of command, no coordination. It was individual cells trying to fight back whatever way they could. Central approached the checkpoint, the checkpoint team was led by an ADVENT captain, they weren’t that different to the rest of the troopers except they wore red armor and wore a red sash on their shoulders, however they seemed to have a more developed tactical acuity. 


Civilians were lining up by the checkpoint, Central was next in line. The captain signaled him to walk through. As Central walked through the checkpoint the threat system started beeping. The checkpoint had picked up something that shouldn’t be there.  









Alerted to the threat, the Advent captain and his team walked towards Central. He was going to experience first hand what a ADVENT shakedown felt like. The Advent jabbers surrounded him while the Captain approached him, and attempted to communicate though it was difficult to figure out what the Captain was saying. Jabbers communicated in language that was probably not of Earth, at-least not from what Central heard, because of that to the Resistance they were known as jabbers. hen Central did not respond the Captain drove his weapon into his abdomen, knocking the wind out of him. This was the opportune distraction that Kelly was waiting for. Central briefly turned to get a  visual on Kelly but remained focused on the captain to keep what was going on behind him concealed. 


Kelly took advantage of Central’s distraction and moved towards ADVENT transport that was parked up behind the checkpoint. She took out an explosive device from one of her many jacket pockets and attached it to the ADVENT surveillance vehicles setting it for detonation. Kelly then blended back into the crowd, the distraction had been enough to carry out their plan. 



Central looked the Captain in the eye. ‘Do It’, he hit the floor immediately. it was too late for the Jabbers and their captain, the detonation send them reeling in different directions, the other security teams were alerted to the threat. Part one of the plan was done, they had succeed in creating a distraction, now for the complicated part. 



Chapter I: First Victory 



A familiar sight shifted through the sky at speed, It was the sky ranger, made fully functional by Shen and her team who was now the senior engineer of the Resistance, she took after her dad, Shen Senior who gave his life to get the resistance to the position it was in now. The skyranger was a thing of beauty, it had advanced maneuverability to be able to navigate the tall structures that now seemed to be everywhere in the new cities. 













“We are 10 seconds out get ready” reported Shen. The strike team was only four strong including Central and Kelly, the other two were Osai and Kay. A bigger strike team would find it difficult to insert undetected especially when security was so tight,  it wasn’t like the resistance had that kind of man power anyway. 



The skyranger hovered above the drop-zone. Two high tensile ropes dropped down from it and the two operatives descended. Both of them immediately scanned the area for threats. The ADVENT could call in reinforcements in an instant, they had to get in and get out quick. Osai was ex army, he served with the Nigerian special forces, that was until everything went to hell 20 years ago, resistance picked him up in a routine recruitment mission hiding out in a village. Kay however approached the resistance herself. She was a police officer in the Netherlands. Her family got caught up during a city strike in the invasion, her parents and two brothers. None of them survived. She wondered around the new settlements for years getting drunk, trying to survive. Until eventually she was taken prisoner by the ADVENT for causing public disorder, luckily for her, the local resistance cell raided the ADVENT secure prison to rescue a contact, Kay decided to jump in with them  until eventually she was recruited by Central. 


“ ADVENT forces are swarming to the blast point, we need to move on the package before they figure out what we’re up to.” “Roger that, moving” replied Osai as he moved against a high wall for cover and better observation. Kay moved up through the opposite side. “Is he really in there ?” Kay had heard of the commander and his resilience during the invasion, bringing him in would place the Resistance in much better stead. 



“I guess we will find out” replied Osai. As they moved closer to the objective building, they noticed multiple ADVENT Jabber squads, they all looked on edge.





“They are holding position. We’re gonna have to go through them. Stay out of sight until we’re ready to strike.” said Shen.  As they moved closer to get into a better position, the doors of the facility opened and a captain walked out, immediately shouting instructions to the rest of the jabbers. 








Most of the troops ran towards the explosion caused by central, through there was a fair number still protecting the target structure. 


“Im in position, lets kick this off” said Osai. He was in a perfect position and had a clear shot. They didn’t have much time left. 


A shower of bullets headed towards the Jabber closest to Osei. The resistance were using conventional weapons, however the bullets seemed to be enough to penetrate ADVENT armor. The strike team in taking out one of the trooper had announced themselves to the rest of the jabbers. The rest of the troopers dived behind any cover they could find trying to acquire the direction of the threat. Kay spotted a flanking position to the rear of a car giving a clear shot on another jabber.

 Osei was delivering suppressive fire and was late in noticing Kay’s position. “Kay, the hell are you doing woman, your exposed, fall back, now !!!”














By this time the rest of the ADVENT troopers had taken up good positions and were returning fire. One of the troopers saw Kay’s hair through the window of the car, he moved towards her rear while the other Jabbers laid down covering fire keeping Osai pinned down. The jabber unloaded rounds from his mag rifle towards Kay, there was nothing Osei could do, her lifeless body hit the pavement. The operation was already getting sower. “Osei Get out of there, your outnumbered.” He must have felt fear and sadness at Kay’s death, he was human, the numbers were stacked against him. 









Osei ran to the structure to the left in search of a better position while firing wildly, he didn’t want to hit anything, just wanted to keep their heads down. 

“So that’s how you wanna play” said Osei as he unclipped the grenade and flung it at the jabber squad. In the midst of the smoke laid down by the gunfire, they were too late to notice the grenade had rolled close to their position. The explosion took out the remaining three  Jabbers. 



However the furthest jabber was still alive but badly hurt and attempted to call in reinforcements. Central had arrived in time and finished off the Jaber before he could complete his call. “Central, reporting in”

















“Did you stop for drive-by” said Shen sarcastically. Central kicked off the advent mask and for the first he saw the exposed face of an ADVENT jabber. The lower face looked human, however the rest of face was a clear result of genetic mutation. “Just taking in the sights” replied Central. 









By this time, Kelly had caught up with central, “ what the hell are these things” “ Humans, at-least they were”  Replied Central. “I don’t believe it, I heard rumor's that the aliens were genetically modifying humans into ADVENT soldiers, but i never believed it. ” “ No one wanted to. But we find what we’re looking for today. I promise you that’s gnna change.”  Many resistance fighters had died chasing up loose ends of the supposed location of the commander, Central knew that they had hit the jackpot this time. 






“Heads up reinforcements are inbound” reported Shen. Osei reloaded his weapon and prepared for the second engagement. A humming sound could be heard. It was then that the ADVENT troop carrier came into sight. The doors were opened and another squad of Jabbers hit the ground led by a captain. They had caught sigh of Osei during their insertion into the AO. As soon as they hit the ground the Captain directed his squad towards Osei’s position. 









“Central you guys gtta move, you got more ADVENT coming in” Shouted Shen. Central took a look at the ADVENT reinforcements “Alright, we gtta move we have a short window.” 


“Carry on, I will cover you from here..... So much for a break” thought Osei. He poked his head out of cover and started taking pop shots at the enemy reinforcements. One of the Jabbers was too slow to get into cover, Osei fired a shot burst towards it which resulted in the jabber flying back and hitting the floor hard. 












Central knew they had to search the structure, retrieve the package and get out before they were overrun. He jumped in through the window and secured the entrance. 






Kelly was close behind Central. The door allowing access into the lab’s were sealed by ADVENT security protocols. Kelly began hacking protocols through an advanced scrambler from her jacket pocket. During her time with Canadian intelligence she had learned how to hack into most networks and systems, when it came to ADVENT, she just had to spend a few more sleepless nights getting used to the behavior of the ADVENT security systems. She was able to release a digital virus into the system leaving it exposed to hacking.The doors opened and Central moved in with caution . 



The labs were closed off to the public, the employees and security details were both headed up by Jabbers. Nobody really knew what took place in these labs, the ADVENT speakers would say it’s medical research, guess Central was gnna find out. 





The labs were filled with what looked almost like stasis-tubes except there all had some sort of green substance within them, Central didn’t want to find out what in them. As he waded through the lab, he saw something out of the ordinary. It was a closed stasis-tube placed in the far end of the lab. However unlike the other one’s it was protected by the same security protocols at the entrance to the Lab. 


Central knew there was something or someone important in that tube. “Shen. I think we have found him” “ You Sure that’s him” replied Shen nervously. Central was sure that they had found the commander but was he still alive in there ? “We will be once you get this tube opened. “If i could just access the override systems...” Shen was taking too long so Central resorted to the old school method of breaking open doors. He raised the butt of his rifle and smashed the security panel. It seemed to have done the trick, the tube was opening. 





A powerful green light was emitting from the tube, it must be the same substance in the other tubes. However there was someone inside, was in what seemed to be a stasis suit. It was the commander. “Team, its him” the operation had been worth it they had finally found him. A small victory that would take the resistance a long way. “Alright people, package is secure, we are out of here, Shen’ bring the sky ranger.” Osei was still keeping out the never ending wave of ADVENT Jabbers, they knew the significance of what would happen if the resistance retrieved the commander, so they were committing all their strength to make sure none of the squad got out. 



Osei was almost out of rounds, and his cover was degrading because of the force of the mag rifles that the enemy was using. He looked down to check his weapon. He saw blood under his armor, it was coming from his flank. There was more bleeding from his torso. He was so caught up in the fight, with the adrenaline flowing through him he didn’t realize he had been shot. It was too late for him, he knew it.  “Get out of here I will hold them off” Central stopped momentarily “Soldier, pack your shit up get and get out of there, we are not leaving anyone behind.” “ Im already dead,Ima hold them off as long as I can, get the commander out of here.”  Every sinew in Central’s body wanted to run back and cover Osei but if they he the commander now they would never get him back 


Central could not get out the way they came in because ADVENT was storming the building. “Kelly we need an exit NOW” Kelly was just inside the building and she was laying down fire into the jabbers trying to enter. “Roger that, I got just the thing she replied” She took out a grenade from her harness and threw it at the wall in the back of the lab. The explosion was strong enough to create an opening “ Shen where is that Skyranger” shouted Central as he ran with the commander on his back. The skyranger hovered above the pick up and let down it’s ropes. Central was first to go, he latched to commander on to himself and was lifted up to the ranger. Kelly was next, she ran out while firing wildly and got hold of the rope before the Jabbers could move through the debris left by the grenade. The sky ranger took off into the sky at speed. 








They had finally done it, the commander was back. Osei and Kay’s sacrifice was worth it for the success of their mission. They had laid their lives down so that the resistance could move forward. A lot further than they had without the Commander. The sky ranger had arrived and began it’s decent into the avenger. The new home of the resistance, an alien vessel retrofitted by Shen and her team to operate as the resistance base. 





Kelly quickly placed the commander on a stretcher, with the help of extra personal she ran into the med bay of the ship. Doctor Tygon and Shen was ready to conduct the procedure to bring the Commander back. “ We are ready” said Tygon as the commander was put in place. The procedure had never been done before. The commander had a neural implant put into his head that allowed the aliens to scavenge his mind for tactical information. Removing the implant could be fatal. Shen realized this, “Wish we had more time” she said. 




“ I don’t disagree. But as it stands now we risk losing the patient if we don’t begin the removal procedure immediately.” Tygon reached for what could only be described as an extractor, that would clip on to the the implant allowing him to yank it out. “Everythings set”


“Good then lets get on with it” Said Central. Everything depended on this procedure, Central knew it. 






One of the nearby screens was flashing red, “ His heart beat is dropping, the procedure is pressuring his body” saint Shen. 




“No Plan B here people. Do it!” Shouted Central. The implant could sense when the host was taken out of its stasis. As a defensive measure the Implant would start relaying signals to the brain to shut down the systems of the body, the commander didn’t have much time. “Here goes nothing” said Tygon as he clipped on to the implant and removed it from the commander’s head. The screens were stabilizing. The procedure had worked. The commander opened his eyes to familiar faces for the first in years. 




“The implant is out, we did it, however he is going to need rest, that procedure must have zapped his energy. “I knew it would take more than what the aliens did to take you out commander.


“Rest up, we will get you up-to-date when your back up again”  The operation had been worthwhile, the resistance had got it’s greatest asset back, the commander. Now they could establish plans on how to neutralize the ADVENT administration and how to kick out the aliens once and for all. One operation was done another began, “Operation Payback.”




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