I Had The Weirdest Dream...

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I had a nightmare!

Submitted: March 17, 2017

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Submitted: March 17, 2017




Last night, I had the weirdest and most bizarre dream ever seen.

You're not going to believe what played on my eyelid screen.


The entire world lost it's mind, led by the United States.

They contracted the far-right flu, and were unable to regurgitate.


So, much like rats, they couldn't purge themselves of this disease,

and went willingly along with increasingly ludicrous decrees.


Retracing disaster, retracing the steps from pre-World War Two,

when basically the world shut down, and over the cuckoo's nest they flew.


The closing of borders, the wrapping in the flag, and to each his own,

and following a politician who's obviously not full grown.


I dreamed that a major party candidate for U. S. president openly mocked

a disabled person, and not only didn't suffer because of it, more flocked


to stand proudly beside him--and, they looked away when he openly bragged

that he sexually assaulted women, I mean, when I saw this, I choked and gagged.


And, he was just the face of a worldwide sleepwalking trance,

Every corner of the globe seemed to caught up in the same dance


of forgotten human values and a forgotten moral compass.

And, at nightmare speed they abandoned it all, so fast


I knew I must have been dreaming, 'cause the world's not that stupid, are they,

to turn there backs on all their values, and ignore the vile things politicians say?






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