What's in Carter's Field

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Johnny-Ray is seen standing in Farmer Carter's field in the wee-hours of the morning and Deputy Malone would like to know why. --- Maybe he shouldn't want to know, but it's all part of the job.

Submitted: March 17, 2017

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Submitted: March 17, 2017



"Hay Johnny-Ray, what are you doing out here at three in the morning?"


"Oh, Hi, Deputy Malone."

 "I came out here to see if they came back."


"Who came back?"


"You know Deputy, the lights that's been show-in up over Carter Field. They only show when there ain't no moon out, and the moon is hidden tonight."


"Well that doesn’t explain anything son. Those lights are just a story that the Carter boys made up and been spreading around for a year or so. Shoot, no-one else has said that they have seen those lights, ever."


"I seen um some time back, --- but I kept my mouth shut 'cause nobody believes a word I say, anyway."


"You saw the Light over Carter Field?"


"Yes sir Deputy, I not only seen um, I saw what was making the lights too. But like everything else, nobody is ever gonna believe it; not what I saw."


"It is just you and me, Johnny-Ray. There's no-one else to tease you or make fun of the way you talk, so just let it out. What was it that you saw?"


"I don't think I should say Deputy, you'd laugh."


"Now why would I laugh?

Did you see a UFO or something like that, is that why you think I'd laugh?"


"No Sir Deputy, you always been real nice to me, and you always been truthful too.

I know some folks around here think that the lights are some kind of UFO, but they ain't. And some think just 'cause it is up in the air, kinda high, that it flies, but it don't do that neither."


"Well, if it doesn't fly, how come no-one has ever seen any tire tracks in the field."

"Because it ain't got tires, it's got paws!"




"Yep, it looks just like some kind of cat, but really big. And the lights ain't lights, they are the cat's eyes reflect-in light; you know how cat's eyes do in the dark."


"You saw a giant cat with glowing eyes?"


"Yep, I had just delivered two double stuffed pizzas to the Baxter farm, Mrs. Baxter's daughter was have-in a sleep-over.

As I drove out the farm road and onto County Road #6, I thought I saw some-thin move-in over in Carter Field.

I thought it might be thieves so I turned my lights and motor off and coasted down the hill. I stopped in front of the field to a place that Carter's barn lights was behind the field. Holy-Mollie, it was the biggest cat I ever saw."


"Johnny-Ray, what was that thing doing in the field, could you tell?"


"Well Deputy, that is what nobody is gonna believe, even if they believed the rest of what I said. I think that the cat just pooped and it was using it's paw to cover it up; you know how cats do after they finish in the sand box."


"OK then, the really big cat went poop in this field and then it burred it. But where in the world did a cat that size come from."


"There are those cave in the hills, you know, Widow-Maker Hills. No-one goes in those caves 'cause no-one ever comes out. Maybe the cat is the reason they don't come out."


"If there is such a cat, and I am not saying that there is or isn't, what in Sam-hill is it eating? A cat, that size, would need something the size of a cow, or a moose to eat, and maybe three of four of them a week."


"The National Park is less than five mile to the south, as the crow flies. The park has Buffalo, Moose, Elk, and all sorts of other critters for a cat that size to feed on. I don't suspect anyone would notice some of them missing. Do you?"


"I don't know. A cat that big, you'd think someone would have seen it at some time or another. It is a hard story to swallow, I have to admit."


"I know-d you wouldn't believe me, but that's OK, as long as you don't tell nobody else. If I hadn't seen it myself, well, I might not believe such a story."


"If you just had some proof, like paw marks in the dirt, or if we found the poop.

Oh man, it's poop would be nearly the size of whatever it ate. Can you imagine a poop-patty the size of a moose? --- Woo!


The Deputy and  Johnny-Ray both started laughing as they walked back toward the cars, and County Road #6.


Suddenly, they both fell from view!


"Johnny-Ray, are you OK?"


"What in Sam-hill! --- Is this poop, Deputy?"


"Yes, --- unfortunately we have found evidence of your cat, lots of evidence." 





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