What A Mess

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Submitted: March 17, 2017

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Submitted: March 17, 2017



What A Mess


When it comes to all this make-up

I really must confess

That it’s always a surprise to me

When it makes a total mess.


You want to make yourself look good,

You don’t see that pretty face;

When you look into a mirror you see

Something to replace.


So you get out the foundation,

Highlighter, blusher too;

And already you don’t look the same,

Not really quite like you.


The eyes, with them you go to town,

With all these different shades,

Eye-liner and mascara next,

You think you’ve made the grade.


Now go to work upon your mouth

With color for your lips,

Depending how you work this stage

The total image tips.


So you think that you look better,

But you’d never guess

That all of this here make-up

Has made a great big mess.


The foundation, when you squeezed the tube,

It splattered on the wall,

The blusher’s on the carpet where

You’ll get to spread it all.


Eye shadow has smeared the dresser,

Mascara’s on your bed,

Your top is streaked with lipstick from

When you pulled it over your head.


But you think that you look pretty now,

You can face your friends,

You know I’ll come and clean it up

A job that never ends.

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