my first dream

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timmy and his dream

Submitted: March 17, 2017

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Submitted: March 17, 2017



"ok I have a plan we will make a dream" I instantly started making the world best dream. "now where is that one about that boy called Timmy playing football who scored a beautiful goal with a header, oh there it is. I need the one about that girl called Ellie, there it is, and this one, what about that one."

And later that night, Jim the giant, found all of the dreams he needed. As Jim ran over to the dream mixer with all of the dream bundled in his arms he tripped over a tiny rock Bing Bang SMASH!
All of the jars flew across the floor and smashed into little shards of glass. "oh no all of the dreams loose" as quick as flash Jim grabbed all of the loose dream that were flying away. 

When Jim was mixing the dream, he was singing so loudly he woke up  bone cruncher and  bone cruncher was not happy with that. The next minute  bone cruncher  
was at Jim's stone door and punched it down and boomed "that should teach you a lesson."

After I told my excuse to  bone cruncher I carried on mixing the best dream in the world.

"Right I have my dream in a jar and this dream is a bigger one then normal." It was time for Jim to deliver the dream to Timmy house in England. "I love going over all the big trees, snowy mountains, grassy hills and the sea.

"SssssHhhhhh I am about to blow the dream through the window with my trumpet 3...2...1... blow in it goes, through his ear and pop in it goes and he is going to have a lovely dream.

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