The light that falls at moonrise

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

16-year-old Austen Murray becomes wrapped into the mystery that surrounds her classmate, Nash, after watching him doodle something into his notebook. His unusual behaviour brings out the best (Or perhaps the worst) in Austen and she dares to do more than what she was made for. Together, they try and figure out a world hauntingly different from their own.

Table of Contents

Wild fences

At the edge of the city Crofton, trapped between a forest and society, stood a house. No roads led to it, it had no number and no bell ... Read Chapter

Peculiar drawing

The first bell rang loud and clear as I kicked a stone away from my wooden oasis of peace. The bench that I had claimed as my own was m... Read Chapter

Somewhere where the night is better

I silently followed him, waiting around every corner as we climbed the slight hill that I thought led to his home. It showed that my un... Read Chapter

The illusion of power

With a shaking hand I turned the key of our house, opening the door ever so quietly and slipping in as it closed behind me again. My pa... Read Chapter


I woke up to the sound of my alarm that, as always, went off way too early. It was to ensure that I’d never be late, even if something ... Read Chapter

Don't bother

The whole day I waited for our math class so I could sit next to him again – lean over his arm to lose track of what the teacher was sa... Read Chapter

The Shadow Man

Sorry for the long wait! Here it finally is XD Read Chapter