Confusing Love

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Submitted: March 17, 2017

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Submitted: March 17, 2017



Do you ever wonder what would happened if you tell someone a life changing secret about yourself? I mean, how would they react? What would they think? How would they feel? Especially if the secret is about them. Would they see you differently? Would they even want to be close to you anymore? Would they keep talking to you or would they keep their distance?

Do you ever wonder why we fell for someone? Why do we developed feelings for that person? Especially, for someone you shouldn't be having those type of feelings for? Even when you don't know them well, or barely have a real conversation with them...somehow, you feel like you know them and feel like you can trust them.

Do you ever want to tell that person how you really feel about them...but you're scared to do so? For some reason, you're afraid if they ever know or find out about how you really feel for them, everything will change and nothing will be the same between you two. Even when you hope they'll understand, even if they do know, somehow, they'll never see you the same.

So, why do we sometimes fell for the one person we aren't suppose to fell for? That one person we know we can't never be with? Do we fall for them because you know you can't have them? Because you love a challenge? Because you love the feeling of loving them? Or is it because of their beautiful personalities, their smile,their loving heart, because they're cute, attractive, smart, carrying, loving, funny? What is it that make you fall for that person? And why is it have to be so damn hard get back stop thinking about them.

What would you do if one day, you realize you might never see that person again? Would you try to keep in touch? Would you confess all your feelings Or would you keep them hidden in your heart and act like they never existed? What if telling them come to be the worst thing you would've done? But could you live everyday wishing to just tell them? Could you live with the fact that they may never know how you truly feel for them...or the fact of not knowing the chances of how they might feel in returns? Maybe they have the same feelings but are as scared as you are to reveals them. Wouldn't you regret not saying anything?

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to finally have the guts to tell them your feelings, only to find out the feeling isn't mutual? Which get you thinking what’s wrong with you? Why can't they see how much you feel for them? Were you too weird? Not mature enough? Not educated enough? Not experience enough, or simply because you're not GOOD enough?...But of course you, yourself, know that you might not good enough for them...but yet, you can't help how you feel. Because falling for someone is not something you can choose or have control of....which can, sometimes, stress you out and drives you nut for a long time and feeling like the whole world is against you...but it happened and no matter what you do or try, you can't just get rid of that feeling...At least, only time will tell, right?

But let's say the odd happen to be on your favor..and so they happen to share that same feelings. But then you realize that you guys can't be together...Maybe because of the way you met, or family disapprove, or against your religion's belief. Or maybe you come to believe you won't be able to give them what they need or deserve and make them happy..

Which bring you back to thinking, maybe it's best not telling them...but can you live with that decision? Would you be living your life trying to forget them? Would you find someone else to fill in that emptiness this special someone left in your heart? Would you be sad every time they comes to your mind? Would you miss them so much that your heart hurt and it become too hard to breath?

What would happen if someone else come along? Would you let them in? Would you move on and forget about this special someone. Could that new person Just be a distraction or would your feelings for that person be as real? But, can you really forget about that special someone? That person who happen to be the first person in you life who made you feel different, in a good way...the one who make your heart beats like a “Super Bass”, your breath catch on your throat, your mind travel everywhere and everything inside you all tangle. Can you really give up and stop thinking and missing that person so damn much? And the worst part about all this is, they don't even realize how they makes you feel and how crazy they make you, just by looking and thinking about them..and there's not much you can do about it, but to tell them or suck it up and move on..but if only it was that easy..

Life has it ups and downs, sometimes, it can be a wonderful gift or it can be a pain in the butt… So here you are wondering if you should say something or not..what good could come out of it, if you do tell that person your feelings? All I know is you'll never know until you try and take the risk...After all, “What's life without a little risk?”


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