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Written 10/5/15. Based on the song Looprider by Boris

Submitted: March 17, 2017

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Submitted: March 17, 2017





He hired her to have a good time for the night. He showed the money up front and didn’t give her any excuses, he’s clearly done this before. As long as he didn’t give her any bullshit, she’d be fine with doing whatever he paid for. And boy, did he pay. She gave him his service and everything was fine. He left to go take a piss, she reached to the bedside table for a cigarette. Her hand bumped it wrong and it fell to the floor. With an exasperated sigh, she moved her hand to the floor and felt around for the pack but felt an unexpected texture. Skin? She leaned down, her hair falling upside down, and she took a look under the bed. Yep. No mistaking it. Severed heads. She quickly grabbed the cigarette pack (but that can wait for a bit now, can’t it?) and snatched the closest clothes near her to wear. A quick search of the drawer on the stand gave her unlabeled keys to a vehicle. After sneakily making her way to the front door, the boxer-wearing, sandal-footed prostitute revved up the Harley and took it on a joyride to the nearest highway. After hearing his motorcycle being revved up, he looked out the window and saw his next victim getting away. Why he trusts prostitutes, he’ll never know. A quick call to the police gets the cops on her tail and she’s fully aware, but hey, he’s the one with the severed heads under his bed. The highway turns into a roller coaster-like deal with the whole package; twists and turns, and of course loops. It seems like she’s escaped the cops millions of times, and she pretty much has. Entitled assholes that think her service is free, others that just turn on her, and undercover detectives are all things she’s faced in the past; this is no different. The only thing is she’s running away from a serious offense this time, which she, in her head, reminds the officers that the one who called them is the one that should be getting arrested. Eventually the amusement park highway becomes too much for the cops and they lose her. She was a minute away from getting sick as well, but she made it. She ended up having a better time than he was planning.

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