Pendleton Queen park (Revised)

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A family restaurant run by three siblings is invaded by a cute but dangerous monster Bee.

Submitted: March 17, 2017

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Submitted: March 17, 2017



Pendleton Queen park



Pendleton Queens park (P.Q.P) is a 64- ark public park with pine trees, lakes, and fields. If you were to visit the park, as I would strongly recommend you do, one of the first things you would probably noticed is the park rules written upon a white and green rectangle. The rules of the park go as follows:

1). No Swimming (unless you are a duck)

2). No Alcoholic Beverages (you cant handle it)

3). Dog must be on leash

4). Don’t throw your trash onto the ground or lake.

5). No Skateboarding (lets be earnest, you can't)

6). No Firearms

7). No Threating The Wildlife

Once you familiarized yourself with the rules, you walk or must likely drive a short distance into the park. Almost immediately you notice a medium sized restaurant standing a small distance away from the parking lot.  If you took the time to study the restaurant in relation to the rest of the park, You would notice the restaurant isn't an eye-sore in relation to the rest of the park in anyway. In fact, i think you would love the way they played off each other: the restaurant modernized the forest, while the forest mystified the restaurant(somewhat the same way a small cabin isolated in the middle of some mystical forest in most fairy-tails). In keeping with the theme of the forest the restaurant was also made entirely out of wood (whether the restaurant was made from the wood of the park trees or they import it from somewhere else nobody knows).

If you were to walk into the restaurant you would probably notice a young, light skinned girl named Airi. If you were to ask, “Who oversees this restaurant?” She would probably reply, “I do. Can I help you?”  Once you order your food, you would be told to take a seat somewhere inside of the restaurant. “Your food will be ready in a minute.” Airi would say to you.

After waiting somewhere around ten minutes, depending on what you order or whether the restaurant is busy, you would either be served by one of two of Airi’s younger sister. If Aaliyah served you, you would probably have a good dining experience: you wouldn’t be pressured to leave a big tip. However, if you are served by the youngest of the girls, Destiny, you would be pressured greatly by the more straight forward and aggressive little sister. if you take the time to compare the two sisters to their older sister, you would notice some similarity’s and some differences. The first difference is the skin tone: Airi was much lighter than both her sisters. Also, she had beautiful brown eyes while both her sisters had plain dark eyes. The similarities aren’t so easy to pick out. The only thing you knew for sure was that they shared the same dark hair color. Even though Airi looked very different from the other two, you could still tell they were all real sisters.

The story I’m about to relate to you (the reader) is how the extraordinary was interjected into the ordinary lives of the siblings.

It all began on what should have been a very normal day for the three siblings. They were taking orders and serving their customers when suddenly what looked like a girl dressed as a bee flew into the building.

“This place is my new hive!” Shouted the bee girl, “so everybody get up and leave at once.”

The entire building went silent.

“Whose kid is that?” Aaliyah asked Airi.

“I don’t know.” Airi replied.

“I’m no one’s kid!” replied the Bee.

Walking towards the bee, Aaliyah asked her if she had lost her family.

“That’s none of your business!” she replied, as her cheeks started to appear pinkish.

Turning her attention to her elder sister, who was behind the counter, Aaliyah said, “I’m going to help her find her parents. I’ll be back.”

Airi gave Aaliyah the go ahead.

“Follow me,” said Aaliyah. She then preceded to lead the bee down the restaurants lain towards the street.

“Ok bee girl, what your name? you better not say bee girl,” Said Aaliyah.

“My names Byzantine of Hive C-11”

“Byzantine,” said Aaliyah, “That’s a cute name.”

“Thank you,” said Byzantine.

“What does Hive c-11 mean?”

“It’s the Hive I”- Byzantine remembered she had been kicked out- “use to belong to.”

“What do you mean use to?”

“I was kicked out… again.”

“Sorry to hear that.”

“I’m making my own Hive so it’s all right.” Said Byzantine, cheerfully.

“I’m Glad to hear that. May I ask where are your parents?”

“My mother is back at my old Hive.”

“How about your father?”

“I never knew him.”

“So how did you get here?”

“I flew here.”

“Really… you flew here. I’m not believing that.”

“I did fly here.”

“I don’t believe you.”

Using the wings on her back, Byzantine lifted herself off the ground. As she did so, she said, “Why don’t you believe me? Normal everyday bees travel longer distances in their sleep! Why do you think I’m incapable of doing the same!”

Aaliyah was surprised at Byzantine ability to float off the ground. “How are you doing that?” she asked.

“If you were a bee all you would have to do is flap your wings.”

“How do you get your wings to move? I thought they were just made of plastic.” Said Aaliyah, as she stared at Byzantine wings going up and down at a high speed.”

“They’re not plastic. I was born with my wings like any other bee.” Said Byzantine.

Wanting to feel Byzantine wings, Aaliyah stretched out her arm towards Byzantine wings. However, Byzantine moved out of her reach before she could do so, buzzing as she did so.

“Don’t try to touch my wings human!” shouted Byzantine.

“Wow, how did you make that buzzing sound?” asked Aaliyah.

“All bees have that ability, human.”

“Bee girl would you like some honey?!” shouted Destiny from the restaurant door way.

Byzantine quickly flew towards Destiny and asked, “Where is it?”

Destiny pointed to Airi who was opening a jar of honey from behind the counter.

Using a spoon, Airi scoped up a large amount of honey from the honey jar. She then held it out for Byzantine to eat.

Byzantine wasted no time in accepting the bait: within seconds the part of the spoon with honey on it was inside of her mouth.

“Let’s make a deal Byzantine,” whispered Airi, “If you let us stay here, we will pay you with honey. Do we have a deal?”

Spoon still in her mouth, Byzantine nodded her head in agreement.


Dear Reader

Thank you for taking the time to read our story. Please if you liked or disliked our story don’t be afraid to tell us why.

“If you don’t leave a good review, I will find you and sting you!” shouted Byzantine to the Reader.

Don’t worry I won’t give her your letters return address so please send us your comments.


Sincerely yours


P.s. More to come soon!

© Copyright 2018 zuki. All rights reserved.

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