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Sex, drug and rock and roll is a rock star way of life. The Rolling Stones are the first to come to mind. But I think Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison (The Doors) or Janis Joplin personify the real extremes of the rock star way of life. Brad is a rock star on the rise living in “Kalifornia”...

Submitted: March 17, 2017

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Submitted: March 17, 2017



Sex, drug and rock and roll is a rock star way of life. The Rolling Stones are the first to come to mind. But I think Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison (The Doors) or Janis Joplin personify the real extremes of the rock star way of life: death due to an abusive lifestyle involving sex, drug and rock and roll. It's like a roller coaster to live on the brink of madness and death. The most recent examples are Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) and Amy Winehouse.

Brad is a rock star on the rise living in "Kalifornia". He does drug with the cocaine brought by "The Mexican", his "Contact" in Los Angeles. Rock and roll is his "True Romance". He doesn't have time for a relationship, just some date and one night stands here and there. It's a "Cool World" where sex is overdone, and love an unreal dream. I'm probably a bit too dark and pessimistic, but rock star lifestyle is the opposite of spending "Seven Years in Tibet" in a buddhist temple. There's "No Way Out" as long as you play rock and roll. Brad's career truly took off when he was introduced by a friend to "Meet Joe Black", an important promoter in a "Fight Club". When the promoter handed him the contract, Brad would just "Snatch" it. They would be "Happy Together", with the promise of stardom and big money. From now on he would use the stage name of "Johnny Suede", and hired two backing singers, "Thelma & Louise", for his upcoming tour.

On the tour, he traveled by road throughout the US. Once after a flood, they were driving, and suddenly "Across the Tracks", "A River Runs Through It". There was no bridge to cross the river, and Brad checked his Google map on his cell phone to confirm there was no such river. As a result he got late at his next gig and complained to Google for not updating Google map after the flood. After a few years of success the public got tired of his music. Rock and roll was dying, replaced by new genders such as dance, electronic music and modern rock. Brad said about it:

"God Grew Tired of Us."

And he blamed God for bringing dance, electronic music and modern rock on the scene. He did the same music year after year, and couldn't understand the public getting tired of it. Cause Brad never got tired of listening to his own music. He thought that if the Beatles and the Rolling Stones' records were timeless, so should be his own records. So, he decided to write a new song called: "The Dark Side of the Sun". But the song was not a success and music reviews kept comparing the song with "the Dark Side of the Moon" wrote by Pink Floyd. Roger Water, former leader and songwriter of Pink Floyd got tired of the comparison and said in an interview: "¡Just stop comparing me with the sun! Pink Floyd is all about the moon, and only the moon." If you ask Neil Armstrong about it, he will answer exactly the same as Roger. But Brad doesn't agree, he thinks humans will walk on the sun someday. But then, Michael Jackson wouldn't agree at all. It's all about moonwalking. But Brad says that Michael just pretends to be walking forward, when he's walking backward. Walking on the sun would be sunwalking. And walking on fire would be just as impressive as Michael's moonwalk. And Brad added it would be really cool to do it barefoot. And when he learned that the NASA planned to send a mission on Mars, he told them via twitter that the sun was in the opposite direction, and proposed them to send a mission on Venus instead to be one step closer to the sun.

Brad realized he could become famous being involved in polemics with famous. If you lack musical talent, be polemic and you'll be in the news. Brad had found a way to make people talk about him. And after every polemic, he released a song that created even more polemic. That's cool to play at being a rock star the way Brad does it. The day Rolling Stones Magazine set an interview to know the man hiding behind the mask of the polemic rock star, Brad showed the world he was more than just a joke. The polemics were just a mean to get him where he wanted to be, in the discussion with guys like Roger Water, Michael Jackson and some other music legends. And on the occasion of the interview he surprised everybody, included himself. Brad played the fool to get attention and be noticed, but he was much smarter and slier than anybody could imagine.

"My life has been about big changes."

And everybody asked themselves what changes he was talking about.

"Happiness is overrated. There has to be conflict in life."

And another polemic, about happiness, to provoke the readers and keep them wanting for more.

"It's a violent world we live in. I don't agree with trying to hide that or cover it up."

And another polemic, this time about violence, to make people open their eyes.

"I get enraged when people start telling other people how to live their lives."

Brad used a lot of "violent" words in most of his statements to keep the tension in the public. He knew that using words having a big impact would keep the public interested and somehow alert and "subdued". This interview was kind of weird. Brad didn't follow the reporter and made comments that had nothing to do with the questions. Anybody reading the interview would get confused and impacted with the strength and intensity of Brad's answers that involved strong and polemical beliefs. He definitely had the attitude and controversy of a true rock star, and he was so convincing that Roger Water himself posted in his twitter account after reading the interview: "I think it's all about the sun, the moon has been." Even the Michael Jackson's fans don't try any longer to master the Moonwalk, they are trying to figure out what the Sunwalk would be like. Brad said he was practicing and shaping it. He would feature the new dance moves in his next music video: "Who's good". And the day of its release it provoked a new polemic with "Who's bad" from Michael Jackson. On this occasion the public got to know what was the Sunwalk about. Brad did the opposite of Michael Jackson. He pretended he was walking backward, but he was walking forward. It was an optical illusion. I let you imagine how it looks like. Everybody was stunned. Hopefully Michael is no longer with us, cause he wouldn't have believed it was possible sunwalking.

"So, goodnight Brad. In reality, it's all about the sun AND the moon. It's more important to keep Roger, Michael and Neil happy for the sake of their legacy and history than reshaping past beliefs and history."

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