the unanticipated visitor.

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a man with melancholic emotions faces the soul of his demised wife. will he survive the oppression she is bestowing upon him?

Submitted: March 18, 2017

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Submitted: March 18, 2017



The night was bitterly cold; the weather evoked tempestuous winds and continually thundered and rumbled during the period of darkness. Somehow, Darius admired the resonance of the overwhelming thunder and possessed outré appeasement towards its uproarious nature. Darius was a man of dotage, eminently distinguished by his hollow and attractively concave eyes that instantly portrayed his inner nostalgic essence to those who gaze at them. His secluded mansion was separated into convoluted halls and it was arduous for a person controlled by such immense melancholy to establish a sense of purpose in it. The mansion had a sense of disconsolation that accompanied its decaying and disintegrating nature. The voidness of the place permitted chilly breeze to encompass the mansion.  


Weeds were attached to the house’s external form, so parched and grotesque. The walls were tremendously bleak, dreary, spiritless, listless and lustreless. The windows vividly allowed the shadows of the terrorising tree branches to refract through the clear pointed windows. The crepuscular rays of the bright moon sought to distinct the principal assets of the mansion, even though vacancy was a major attribute of the sinister dwelling. The furniture was substantially tattered, and the rooms with their eerie and surreal atmosphere accentuated on the mansion’s state of gloominess and sorrow. No fog nor mist could conceal or even diminish the archetype of the anachronistic and fearsome mansion; no, not even from hundreds of meters away.


‘Tick tock’ was the jarring and mournful sound that struck each and every midnight. It juxtaposed exceedingly to the mansion’s cavernous tranquillity and grief-stricken structure, that silhouetted luridly against the dimming sky. As every night proceeded and brought upon the mansion its insidious ambience, Darius would pithily communicate with his deceased wife through unnatural colloquies and abnormal gesticulation as if she was extant.


While the owls hooted and the bats flapped to and fro in their attempt to escape the foreboding weather; Darius ended this unusual ritual abruptly and prematurely as he glimpsed a spine-chilling figure with the corner of his eye. The curtains adjoining the windows where he was shuddering and virtually paralysed, evinced a semblance of his wife lurking behind the curtain that started levitating as the window enigmatically opened. The feeble and pallid figure remained as stationary as a statue, while Darius approached with trepidation that culminated with every step he took.


Unexpectedly, the mystifying and repulsive figure started rapidly girding around him while eliciting blood-curdling screams that pierced his eardrums dreadfully. Darius’ fear was beyond comprehension as he was severely affected, aghast by the pernicious anomaly he just experienced. He felt his senses departing from him as a short period of asphyxia aroused throughout his nearly lifeless body. His head was filled with droning incertitude as he was left with a state of transcendent silence as the superstitious creature departed from him. The dire silence compelled his body to flinch whenever he sensed an inhuman presence. Goosebumps appeared on his pale body and straightened his hair to its full extent.  


On the spur of the moment, the room culminated in chilliness and bitterness as Darius heard approaching footsteps in the hall leading to the room he is situated in. All of a sudden, the door started to gradually open by disturbingly creaking, extending a cranny that began to placidly manifest the picture frame of his demised wife on the wall opposing to the colossal door. Darius desired to tumultuously shriek, he intended however; with fluttering eyes to scrutinise the preternatural scene that was contaminated utterly with menace and sinisterness. He laboriously attempted to eschew from observing the forthcoming calamities. However, he was nonplussed and perplexed. With a conscious decision, he sustained serenity within himself and awaited the unknown.


His naivety of the circumstance limited his ability to react to the approaching atrocity. Darius was thunder-stricken and placed in a torpid state, as he perceived a slight motion of his spouse’s eyes in the framework. Darius was petrified as his eyes remained focused on her eyes. Her eyes were gazing at Darius with coruscations of inconceivable flames. Immediately, Darius’ vintage record player produced blood-curdling music. The music had coarse and discordant notes that blended with high pitched vocals of a barbaric and intoxicating essence. The eerie occurrences subjected to Darius became catalysts for his ineffable state of mental instability and incipient insanity. He started chuckling eerily and filliping against the lower part of the wall in which he laid in opposition to. The music continued to play, getting louder by the second. It got so loud, that Darius discerned the ground oscillate and shake viciously.


The pictures started to shake so violently that they all plunged to the ground and shattered to compact glass clusters. All of the pictures were destroyed; all but one. The picture of his spouse still remained intact as it maintained its vectorised glance at Darius. Her glance, penetrating Darius’ heart bestowing upon him heartlessness and indifference. Darius couldn’t withstand these flagrant incidents any longer. “Why does thee pour down such irrationality to my weak self?,” “Tell me, to what extent will thy prolong these fluctuating indignation on my vulnerable soul?” Darius clamoured. Lightning struck tumultuously as the ground terminated its abrupt motion. Darius’ energy drained as immense amounts of sweat overflowed his whole body, drenching his skin as it diffused in it. His heart pumped at an accelerated rate as it awaited the remnant of his tribulations and adversities to completely cease.

Suddenly, The apparition of Darius’ demised wife unexpectedly walked through the room’s door. Darius was overwhelmed and closer to death than ever as her maleficent and dark silhouette approached him with neither compassion nor mercy. Her appearance distinguished her eyes from the rest of her taunting figure. Darius desired to commit suicide, as he could not bear the eerie countenance of her presence any longer. Suddenly, he felt the ghoul’s rough hands around his neck; choking him brutally. Darius moved aggressively as he attempted to escape the foredoomed grasp of her ruthless soul. Only a few moments passed before Darius was completely expired. His body plummeted to the ground as his soul withdrew from his body while shrieking deafeningly. His spiritless body remained preserved and unblemished in the mansion as he haunted the mansion with his wicked and black-hearted wife till this day.  

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