Butch She

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Man shaped soul of a girl against the world.

Submitted: March 18, 2017

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Submitted: March 18, 2017



She sat down and poured herself a drink with a song. Trying to ignore core of her constant that made life so damn hard. How come kids, even younger then her have all that she ever wanted and don't know how to appreciate it? She's not some girly girl that cried ''help''. Find a job, get education, move on with life. Is that right? 

- ''Well let me tell you something. No! It's not right nor left. I looked. ''

Born in godforsaken place where chances don't appear unless you pay for them. So she devoured her drink while her ears drank the song singing about what you are not supposed to do. So they said. She thought about it a lot of times. Now her control was clinging. Those black boots were calling her just like the fact she couldn't provide for her ever providers. She butched up her every tears to come but from that day neither of them fell. 

- ''Hand me the gun Daniel.'' 

- ''Are you sure this is gonna work? ''

- ''You doubt, you stay.''

- ''Sorry, I just...''

- '' I don't need your apologies, just get a grip. Literally. Now listen up guys. Slappy Joe or caviar...   we're splitting either way. Femi you keep the car going, Daniel you're on guards, Mike and Drew you're with me. Any questions? 

- ''No Layla.'' voices chirped fully confident in her determination. 

She put her long brown gold hair in a bun and under a helme. While Daniel inserted his skills amongs waiters waiting for the guards to ask a cup of coffee with poison, she indulged in reminiscence on old childhood memories and her beautiful, honest family. A family that raised her to be a righteous person with a clean refflection in her mirror by the bed. But then the same old nauseating feeling comes up when memories turn into her crying mother and brothers watching spoiled neighbourhood kids riding bicycles. 

- ''Show time.'' Daniel's voice appears in her ears. She stepped out of the car with Mike and Drew looking like the best handyman that will take good care of air conditioning in a luxury hotel containing fat rich people auctioning diamonds for wives hoping the'd make room for mistresses. They casually walked into the hallway while she wondered how can it be that their banking account and their iq don't match? She crawled her slim figure throught the air vent in a room filled with sparkly dreams while Drew and Mikey worked their magic with their mistress - electricity.

-''Go, go, go.'' 

She jumped her way into dream room and picked up her chance. 

Watching dirty refflection of her mirror by the bed Layla didn't sleep. '' Was it worth it... giving my soul to something I vowed never to be?''

After that watching her mother smile and her brothers playing with their bikes down her boulevard Layla got her answer. 

-''Yes, yes it is.'' 

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