EVP Dangers

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Submitted: March 18, 2017

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Submitted: March 18, 2017




March 16,2017

10:00 pm

  Today was pretty mild with the voices, but as has been the case recently, they seem to gain strength during the evening, especially as it gets closer to the time when I turn in for the night because this is usually when they mess with me the most.  It’s ten o’clock now and I have heard these voices gaining in strength for about the last hour. It’s been quite cold all week, so I’ve had to be running my heater a lot and as I have mentioned numerous times, they tend to use this kind of steady noise to project their voices over. It seems to give the voices more volume.

  Last night for whatever reason, I was spared from getting hit with the usual physical disturbances/sensations that I still experience on most nights. But, I was hit with them this afternoon when I tried to rest for a bit after work. So, I must say that I’m not expecting to be spared again tonight.


March 17, 2017

6:20 am

  Last night the physical disturbances were back. I was feeling the intense vibration sensation mostly around my legs. Other than that, not much to declare really. The voices were still spewing the same vile non-sense. I try not to listen but when I do tune in, it’s the same abuse, insults and “Kool-Aid.”

  I often title many of these journal post EVP Danger. Well, sometimes I just can’t come up with a more clever title. But, another reason that I do this is to stress the point that this is at least one of the dangers of experimenting with the Electronic Voice Phenomenon (or EVP) (and also many other forms of spirit communication for that matter.) This is an area of interest that is becoming more and more popular these days. Once a person gets going with it and if they start getting results, it can become an addiction. And just like any addiction, once you get hooked, you could start to lose sight of what’s actually going on with yourself and with what is going on around you. You can become far too fixated on a particular thing and just like with most other addictions, addiction to doing EVP is also fraught with many dangers.

  One of these dangers, is being deceived by extremely conniving and deceptively clever hostile entities that will trick you into interacting with them for long enough for them to gain access to your perception range and then they’ll turn on you and quite possibly abuse you with such things as harassing voices as well as physical/bodily abuses.

  When you get involved with this sort of thing, you could be putting yourself at great risk. I know that I may sound redundant, but as interest in these things is on the rise, awareness of what dangers are involved should be openly talked about as well. One of these dangers is developing a condition of hearing voices after experimenting with EVP.

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