"Condom for the Heart"

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is about a guy that tries to protect his heart from love and pain, it's also quite long, some might call it a short story...

Submitted: March 18, 2017

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Submitted: March 18, 2017



“Condom for the Heart”



He said he wasn’t,

Even going to think about her,

At all,

This whole weekend.

But he knew,

He lost that bet,

Before the money,

Even hit the table.

By Friday evening,

He was already wishing,

That the weekend was over,

And that Monday morning,

Would be staring him,

Straight in the face.

Even if she didn’t,

Talk to him,

He could at least,

See her,

And on somedays,

That was enough.

He felt owned,

Each day’s quality of life,

Was dependent on,

The brief interactions,

He had with her.

He knew this wasn’t normal,

But people have always enjoyed,

Pointing out,

How far away from normal,

He normally was.

He knew that socially,

Most would consider him,

An invalid,

Unable to move,

In and about,

Most social circles.

He over analyzed,

All the little things,

That people do,

The things that most people,

Just let quietly slip past them,

Because their impact,

On their lives,

Or on anything,

For that matter,

Was always very small.

But to him,

They were glaring,


That needed immediate attention.

Yet he couldn’t see,

The most obvious signs,

Like when the woman he loved,

Was sleeping with his best friend.

He caught them,

Using his dining room table,

For something other than dinner.

But that was over 5-years ago,

And he’s moved on since then.

So this time,

He decided to be careful,

Not to get caught,

Leaving his feelings,

Out in the open.

He’ll use protection this time,

A special kind of condom,

For the heart.

A latex barrier,

That he can slip,

His heart into,

Keeping his feelings,

And emotions,

On the inside,

And hers on the outside.

So even if she,

Gets close to him,

She’ll never actually,

Touch his heart.

At least that was the plan,

He paid great attention,

To any sort of feelings,

That he,

Thought might grow into,

Some kind of,

Out of control,


Unpredictable emotion,

Like love.

He’s worked with her,

For more than a few years,

He never saw her as a threat,

And she never aspired to be,

More to him,

Then she already was.

But something had changed,

Was it some kind of,

Grand strategy,

On her part,

Lie low for years,

Trying to lull his senses,

Into a state of mediocracy.

Never showing any kind of,

Personal interest in him,

Only giving him,

The faintest of smiles.

That day of change,

Started out as most,

He took a shower,

Got ready for work,

And right before leaving,

He reached into his top drawer,

Of his solid oak night stand,

And pulled out a foil wrapper,

Which had printed on it,

Contains: 1-latex heart condom,

So thin,

You won’t believe,

You’re wearing it,

Magnum size.

He slipped it on,

Checked the fit,

And headed off to work.

But today was going to be different,

He was a good 3-hours,

Into his very average work day,

When she came walking in,

Or more like storming in.

She was pissed off,

After missing a merit pay increase,

That most anybody,

That worked with her,

Would not hesitate to say,

That she well deserved.

He saw her walking towards him,

But it was as if,

He saw her,

For the very first time.

Everything about her,

Seemed new,



She was wearing a pair of jeans,

That just stopped him,

Cold in his tracks,

With a tight fitting shirt,

And a pair of boots,

That gave her,

Such an angry strut,

When she walked,

That she looked like,

A fired up super model,

Coming down the runway,

To kick your ass.

He felt confused,



Has she been feigning retreat,

All these years,

To find a weakness,

In his defenses,

For this all out,

Frontal assault,

Of HOT!!!

Probably not.

He staggered back,

As she stormed by,

He was in awe,

Of all the radiant beauty,

He now saw in her.

Confused by how he was feeling,

Something was not right,

He felt weak,



As soon as he got home,

He reached in,

And pulled out his heart,

To check all around,

It’s latex protection,

For any kind of rip,


Or malicious pin hole,

He might find.

And then he found it,

A diagonal tear,

Running across,

The whole length of the heart.

How could this be?

He picked up,

The discarded foil wrapper,

And read the very small print,

User beware,

Only 99% effective,

Against most types of emotions,

Rough usage,

May result in tearing.

His brain just stalled,

As his heart went into overdrive.

He spent the rest of that night,

Planning a tactical position,

To counter her vailed move,

Against his heart.

The next morning,

He felt confident,

He was gaining the upper hand,

In this situation.


He heard her voice,

And he felt sucker punched,

He couldn’t breathe,

He could feel the tide of battle,

Turning in her favor,

And he hadn’t even,

Laid eyes a pond her yet.

Then he turned the corner,

And their she was,

5-feet in front of him,

As she administered to him,

The coup de grâce,

The death blow,

With just one long look,

Into his eyes.

And with that,

All his defenses were shattered,

He became imprisoned,

By a pair of,

Heart crushing eyes,

Enslaved by the mere,

Shadow of her body.

So now he faces each day,

With only the promise of chance,

That she might take pity on him,

Throw him a charitable smile,

A couple of quick words,

In passing,

Or on that rare occasion,

Ask him something personal,

About his dismal,

Over analyzed life.

And when she does,

Anyone of these types,

Of things for him,

He takes that brief moment,

And builds his whole day around it.

He has become no better,

Than some back alley addict,

And the sad part was,

That he knew it,

And still,

He couldn’t do a thing,

About it.

So here he sits,

On a Friday night,

Wishing it was Monday morning,

Trying to watch a hockey game,

With the sound off,

Because he found the volume,

Was interfering,

With the clarity,

Of the pictures,

He had of her,

Playing across another screen,

In his mind…


Tom Allen…03-17-2017…




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