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It's not SO GOOD

Submitted: March 18, 2017

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Submitted: March 18, 2017




It was a mild night, I ran into the woods as I recognized that my hand would disappear before the left of the body vanished and blended into the dark. I was running away from something, dark and mysterious, with no sense my feet kept carrying on the long way ahead though I knew that I wasn't going anywhere particularly...Spring in this Coverfield wasn't like expected to be, damp and filled up with mist and fog, people had to cut off parts of their dresses.I rapidly updated those news and prosecutions. I was neither an incumbent nor a businesswoman but that still obsessed me these days. Nor did I wanted to recall it as an evanescent reminiscence.

I was keeping a distance from my family since I was in my adolescence, hostile and frisky. I was short-minded and never shared about my lifetime. When I looked back, I regreted it. There wasn't any oppotunity to fix the relationship between me and my beloved family. I was never satisfied about sneaky actions in the past and I wouldn't stop until other people collasped.

My life was attached to pride and I was fully and egotist. I was self-centered, conceited and selfish. I had no care and sympathy for others. I was behaving royalty. When people could not put up with me anymore, wars were quick to explode. I was one of the reason I kept runing without direction.

That was a quiet peaceful night, I was in the kitchen, I was wating for dinner to be served. I was bored and had nothing to do so I started asked people sneakily and somehow offensive. My grandparent and parents stood and told of me not to be that rude but I was giggling and jeered at it. They slapped at my face and threatened me if one more time this happened, I would no longer be a part of this family. I ignored and a laughed as if they would never do it. Just then my grandpa came and yelled me to get out of the house. I panicked and ran away...

From A Diary of a lonely girl


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