Literary Badge Of Honor

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Brainpower on display!

Submitted: March 18, 2017

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Submitted: March 18, 2017



So, you just thought and thought and wanted me to know

how great is your brainstorm, and my opinion-in-writing blows?


That how dare I say anything against about your boy?

That through your cataclysmic ranks, it's me who'll be destroyed?


Maybe let me help you, after all, 'cataclysmic' is such a big word.

It means 'violently destructive', and at your level, it's not often heard.


You probably feeling proud, really think you're extra-clever,

you electronically knocked me on my ass but good, never


to be heard from, or post, again, from the literary shaming

and electronic beat-down you just handed me? Now you're claiming


victory? You're awful silent, too cowardly to engage me once again?

Could that possibly be because you're not that quick and know I'll win?


No, I think it's a monument to your brilliance, and it's only fair,

to take it down wouldn't be right, I'll just leave it up there,


a literary badge of honor, as it were, so everyone can see

the absolute bastard of a literary whuppin' you just gave me!



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