Sweet Days

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Exploits of days of my youth

Table of Contents

Pillow Fight

  PILLOW FIGHT The pillow fight was unlike any regular pillow fight, which usually took place in the daytime when... Read Chapter

The Nickle Hole

  THE NICKLE HOLE   The year was 1997, my friend Howard and I had made plans to go fishing on a we... Read Chapter

Spearfishing Gone Bad

  SPEARFISHING GONE BAD The year was 1977; I was seventeen years old, I was brilliant I knew it all right. &... Read Chapter

The Dog That Never Existed

The Dog That Never Existed   The year 1999, I was working at my storage unit my planer machine was running making ... Read Chapter

Late August 1979

   The year 1979, at age, nineteen I worked third shift in a factory.   My shift was 11:00 pm to 7:00 am Sunday-F... Read Chapter

The stinging fish

THE STINGING FISH 1969 I did not have a fishing pole. However, that never stopped me from fishing close to shore. I us... Read Chapter

Fear Calamity of Long duration

Fear of long duration causes the mind to wonder.and. Crossing the thin line we call reality and turns into a world of its s... Read Chapter

The legend of the Golden Wignow

  "Spring break is my favorite time of year."  Tammy excitedly exclaimed.  Tammy is a sharp looking you... Read Chapter

Bull Frog Race

BULLFROG RACE  Our family lived on East Silver Lake Road next to Roman Drive many years before they installed a break wall ... Read Chapter

Do you want to know what.

When I was in grade school, 1966-1973 we had a saying "hey you want to know what?" we whispered into someone's ear. "Hey, Fish man do... Read Chapter

Randels resume

[1] 1972-1975 I worked for my second cousin every weekend in the winter time and all summer long.  Loading cord wood from the f... Read Chapter

Stop it

Grade school 1966-1973 out on the playground [Battle ground today] I was just minding my own business running and playing "La,&... Read Chapter

Come back Nancy it's going to be okay

"STOP!!!  NANCY STOP!!  Drowning is not a solution your mother and I love you so much think about what this will do to her. ... Read Chapter

Refreshing cool water

"Mom wait for me."  "Come on slow poke were burning daylight."  "Why."  "Because a day is made up of twen... Read Chapter

Swans nest

It was afternoon on a spring day in 1970 my friend Brian, my brother Jody and I went fishing on Siver Lake in Brains ... Read Chapter

The fishers from beneath

"odjr ;u. .l4 [dlw. lkw .i'r."  Translation "What are you using for bait?" " , UC [dlw. o $10 pixx... Read Chapter

The loose knot

      The year was 1981 my brother in law, Howard and I tiptoed along a shoreline looking for... Read Chapter

The Preditore

    One afternoon, down at the first cove Jody [ one of my younger brothers] and I were pitching stones into... Read Chapter

The backlash

      In 1981,   I lived on North spider lake road; my back yard was state land the ... Read Chapter

Calm nights

Sometimes on warm summer nights, my brother Jody and I would sneak out borrow one of the boats down at the dock in the first cove. &... Read Chapter

Exhaustion friend or foe

"Exhaustion oh exhaustion are you, my friend or a powerful foe.? I truly need an answer to this question.  I honestly ... Read Chapter


Oh, anger if only I knew of your dwelling towers location. With proper conformation, I would certainly lay siege ... Read Chapter

The Buffalo Field

The Buffalo Field When I was 13 years old, I was in the seventh grade.  I attended Traverse City West Junior High School off ... Read Chapter

Toboggan Run

TOBOGGAN RUN  The year 1971, my older brother Jim, my oldest younger brother Jody,  two neighbor kids Roger, Brian, and mys... Read Chapter

Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan you are so sure beautiful and vigorous your water's hues are clean and pure.  Like a chameleon, your colors c... Read Chapter

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