The Good Girl's Vampire Bad Boy

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Chapter Six: Meeting Papa Cavallo and Mama Cavallo

Submitted: March 29, 2017

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Submitted: March 29, 2017



Brahms drove through a very beautiful metal gate that had a big, gold 'C' on top. I sat up straighter as we got closer to our destination. Before my eyes, there stood a beautiful stone palace in its glory. 

"We can stay here for now," Brahms said, stopping right in front of the door. I swallowed and looked at him.

"Where are we?" I asked, feeling unfit to be in a place such as this.

He sighed and said, "The Cavallo Palace." My eyes bulged out of their sockets. 

"Palace?" I asked, and looked at the clothes I was wearing. I instantly shook my head. I could not go into the palace looking like this! Brahms looked at my bare legs and said, "We'll use the back door." A sigh of relief left my lips. I thought he was going to try to embarrass me terribly by making me walk through the front door.

He drove around the place and parked near by a wooden door. He got out and I opened the door. I stepped out of the car and quickly went to stand behind Brahms. His tall and muscular figure gave me comfort that no harm could come to me and that I could just hide right behind him. He opened the back door and that led to a beautiful kitchen. I gasped at the white and gold marbled floor. It was more than I had expected. I only knew that he came from a wealthy family...well....he did come from a wealthy family, but I didn't expect him to live in a palace.

"What is so special about you that you get to live in a palace, Brahms?" I asked, walking beside him. He had a small smirk on his face as he looked down on me.

"My father is a council member of the Royal Vampire Court," he explained. Wow, I never vampires were so.......what's the word?......upper-classed and organized? Where the duck were the humans? Oh, right! Crashing every party that was in town while other mythical creatures were prospering and became extremely modern. I wouldn't be surprised if they invented a flying car by next year.

I looked at the painted ceilings and all the gigantic chandeliers. I better not mess around this place or it's going to be Destanie that's looking for me and vice versa. That wouldn't be good.

Then I felt Brahms' cold hands touch my lower back making goosebumps appear on my skin. He guided me around a corner and we stood in front of a blood red door. I swallowed and didn't really like the color that much. Gosh, it made me think that Brahms might love the precious liquid in my veins more than anything that he painted the door this red.

He opened the door and gestured for me to walk in. And so I did. It was marvelous and beautiful. I stood in the middle of his bedroom and looked around taking in the beautiful sight before my eyes. It was literally the most beautiful bedroom I have ever seen.

Brahms walked over to two doors and opened it. Inside was a walk-in closet filled with white shirts and slacks. Countless suits hung on the rack and a whole wall of beautiful neck ties. If it wasn't for the fact that this was not a bedroom, I would have thought that his walk-in closet was a suit and tie store for men.

He came out with a big white shirt and said, "You can change into this." I took it from him and muttered a thank you. I started to walk away from him, but then stopped. Where the hell was the bathroom? I turned to him and saw that he was on the verge of laughing. I glared at him and said, "Tell me where the bathroom is. Laugh and I will cut your heart out with a spoon."

He took a deep breath and said, "Over there. I'd like to see you try."

With one last glareat Brahms, I walked over to the bathroom where he had pointed. I got in and locked the door. The whole bathroom smelled like him. Surprisingly, it was not bad at all. It was kind of nice, really. I frowned when I realized I was smiling like an idiot. I shook my head at myself and walked to the shower.....well....I was expecting a shower, but I got a bathtub instead, not that I was complaining. I turned the faucet on and warm water flowed out filling the tub quite fast. I took of the clothes that lady forced me into and got into the bathtub. My muscles relaxed as I laid my head on the edge resting. 

Gosh.....I wished my home had a bathtub, but then I will never get to school on time.

I sighed and closed my eyes.


"Danny, please!" I watched as mommy clung onto daddy's leg. Tears ran down her beautiful as she begged him to stay.

Daddy looked at her, Destanie and I, then at the beautiful blue-eyed woman who stood not very far from us. I looked at the woman and she smiled at me. I looked away from her feeling numb and somewhat hostile at daddy. How could he? He told me that loved me. He told me that he loved mommy and Destanie. He promised that he will never leave us.

He shook mommy off his leg and said, "Why should I stay with a woman like you, Yvette? Those girls are nothing, but a heavy burden to me!"

"But they're your girls, Danny!" Mommy cried out loudly. He shook his head at her and said, "I don't care anymore! You can have them! I'm better off with being with someone new, someone better." He walked away carrying his suitcase. The woman gave mommy a smile and followed daddy into the car.

I watched as they drove away into the darkness of my heart. I stood there putting the man I called 'daddy' into the darkest and deepest part of my mind.


"Mom, you need to stop drinking this," I said, taking the bottle out of her hand. She shook her head and cried. She held my hand and said, "You look so much like him, darling!" I felt cold and hated that man. He ruined all of us. Because of him, mom was never the same. Because of him, Destanie hardly stayed at home. Because of him, I felt that big hole in my chest. The pain that grew more painful every single day.

"He is never coming back, mom. He is dead to us all and we will not speak of him," I said, and walked out of the kitchen. I was 16 and will turn 17 next week. I wanted to do something that will get my mind off of everything. I grabbed my black hoodie and walked out of the house. The sun was setting and its rays were lighting the sky up with many colors.

I lifted the hoodie over my head and went to 'The Wall' where all the troubled teens hung out. I waved at the curly, dark-haired boy who came over to me. He wrapped his arms around my small waist and brought his lips onto mine. I responded to his kiss and wrapped my arms around his neck.

"Hey beautiful," Cory said, pulling away from our kiss.

I smirked and said, "Hey handsome. Miss me?" He laughed and bent down to kiss me again. I kissed him back and he pulled away. "Hope that answered your question."

I looked at the bricked wall and waved at all of my friends. "Des!" Tanya called out, gesturing for me to move closer to her. I smiled and said, "What's up?"

She linked her arm with mine and said, "There's a party outta town. You wanna come?" I smirked. A party? I was a reckless party-girl. I nodded and said, "Of course! That's a silly question!"

Tanya squealed and yelled, "She's coming to the party!" The group of teens yelled out of happiness. Cory came behind and hugged me. I snuggled into him and sighed. The only source of love and happiness I had was Cory.

I opened my eyes taking deep breaths. I placed my head in my hands and silently cried. I missed mom. I missed Destanie. I missed my home. 

Then I was startled by the knocks on the door.

"Desiree, are you alright?" Brahms' voice came through the door. I cleared my throat and said, "Yes, I'm alright. I'll be out soon."

I washed my body with soap and water. I dried myself off and wore the same set of underclothes because I didn't expect Brahms to have any. I was way too embarrassed to ask him for a set even if the palace did have one. I slipped Brahms' shirt on and it covered my knees like a baggy dress. 

I let my dried my wet hair and unlocked the bathroom door opening it. Brahms stood in front of it looking serious. I looked at him through my long lashes. He shook his head and said, "It's really not safe for you to be here. What's the deal with Lucille De La Fontaine?"

I shrugged and said, "My favorite character's name?" He nodded and said, "You must be hungry."

 "Yes," I said, smiling. He offered his hand to me and I took it without thinking. His hand felt warm against mine. I liked the feeling a lot. It was so much better than Cory's.

He opened his bedroom door and we were facing a beautiful woman with very dark brown hair and blue eyes. She looked young, but not younger than Brahms. Next to her was a good looking man. He wore a black suit and his eyes were intense blue. 

Brahms looked at me and said, "Lucille, meet my mother Lady Diamante Cavallo and my father, Lord Benjamin Cavallo."


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