A Time Apart

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Prolog (v.1) - initiate sequence

Submitted: March 18, 2017

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Space. The final frontier. But for us, the ONLY one. Where do we live? You could call it the horizon. It used to be somewhere you look to... in wonder. Of what lies beyond or worshipping the sun, trying to uncover the secrets of the moon.  Look to the heavens for answers,  for it may be where you go when you die. A barren land looks for the rain. But I dont want to talk about the weather. Its boring, isnt it? I wouldn't know. I live beyond the sky, in the heavens. Maybe I am in heaven.  "Look! The stars have lit", Luna always had a thing for them. As she walked towards the Cupola's window bay from the tranquility module, I was anything but. I lay recumbent on my natural cushions wishing that I had fashioned something light of the recliner eating dust at Node 1. Thats where luna lives. And thats what she was blabbing about right now.   "There's absolutely no view from Unity", she complained perching next to me like a lithe bird."maybe if the PMA ever cracks up there is a chance for windows" "Right, coz you love spacewalks without spacesuits. Remember tranquility is on the port side of Unity." "Yeah duh I just came from there! Besides its not like 'Node 3' cant survive detached. With all those additional life support systems its perfect even when things arent perfect" "You wish! You know. Im really happy with switching" "Yeah and then who's gonna do that extrasensory perception thing that you were just doing before I barged in" "You didnt barge in. I buzzed you in." "Tell that to the PMAs". She gave a me a challenging look. Like I could speak to the hydraulics. As if. "So the pressure mating adapters arent pressurized" hollered nyla. great i said to myself now the geek is on board. Nyla Reeve is our only maintence dude who used to work as the systems guy before we were disconnected. She also is highly efficient.  "....and now we have to get it back to psi and stabilize  visocity of the rubber suspension to  prevent fissures. Now where did I register that mooney viscometer? And then there is the matter of calc-" "The moon's what?" Ms. Starstruck brightened. I swear, for a girl who was in totally in love with luminous bodies she was just as clueless. "Matter of calculating the escaped O2 and if its..." Geeking out continued without a beat. I turned to luna to see she was in full animation of hand puppets. blabber blabber, blabber.blabber? blabber! she mouthed to me with goofy faces. I cracked up & soon luna's minions were too. "Hey! why are you two giggling? Are the calculations insane? You are calculating with me arent you?" I swear was anyone would think Nyla was hyperventilating internally right now if it wasnt for the stern look she was giving me. "umm yeah sure" "so?" she queried "so?" i mirrored her "whats the scorch time ?" Nyla was grilling me now. Ho boy, all I wanted was a nice relaxing panorama & luna screwed it all up with her moonlighting for the stars. Luna! Hmm... blame the clueless bird? No! Why not? coz shes clueless thats why. but she started it! Doesnt matter play the blame game. "What escape velocity will you be taking back from your daydream to earth?" Nyla was smiling now, a waitress extrodinaire, ready for her order. I really gotta stop arguing with myself, i said to myself. "Oh actually luna was just telling me about her daily tide analysis of the moon". dear god. i kid you not when spoke her name, her eyes bugged out and her hands stopped thier blabber-jabber-jam. "I actually-" she stammered, unable to process. "Analysis, luna?" nyla tapped her out feet, impatient. She could be a geek sometimes. scratch that. she is a geek. period. "Right, the tidal shift- Hey! you were the one talking about the moon!" She snapped her fingers like she figured the entire satellite out. "No. I clearly remeber not saying anything about the white orb that is-" "Yeah you did!" she excalimed. " Right when ya came in. about the the rubber thingy to prune the tissues." I smiled to myslef. Miss starry-night's country swag was a delight to hear. especially when she talked fast like she was now. "That. Well, I was speaking of the mooney viscometer. Which reminds me we have to calc- "why cant we just use the MV 2000E?"this time it was me who interruped a major geek session by yours truly. luna sided me a stare. I just shrugged & gave her the tongue. What? I might be a mocking bird, but I'm also a bright bird. "Dont your biceps strain in that positon?" luna was the one now trying to start a hypertrophy geekout. Did I mention I am a fit bird as well? "Because Alpha technologies is ancinet." Answered Nyla oblivious to luna's statement. But I felt her casting daggers at my jugs. I could almost hear her say dont you feel the percolating about you. having a sixth sense sucks sometimes but she was right. i straighetend a bit and noticed her biting her smile. yo shit just went red pampa. Renner. And he was not wrong. Seconds later the siren blared. Shit sure got red alright. ***** Red Alert! Red Alert! The robot passed by the starboard berth. It was eerie how much it sounded like a generic android terminator. We were relaxed no more. Nor were we seated. Was Nyla seated? I cant remember. renner is South american tots hottie. very serious. and absolutely gay. atleast i think the last part. at 25 I still looked like a tomboy. and he kept checking me out and made sure I knew. mostly serious but not in a constipated way.

Did i tell u she never misseees a channce to be a dictinary

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