my first love

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my story is all about true can never be broken or forgotten.....:)

Submitted: March 18, 2017

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Submitted: March 18, 2017



this is a short story of a ignorant girl who has a crush on the hottest guy in school........well actually its my story. first my name is Miithrra Mohan and my crush's name was Daniel Jhonson...we were both on 8th grade (14 years old) we became friends cause we were both in the same music band...he saw me like his best friend....days passed by he new kid was popular and became the hottest guy in my school...well,maybe everyone has crush on th hottest guy..i was a nerdy girl and i was bullied too much when i was in 7th grade...after a long time Danny asked me out and i went too...he was with my best friend Jessica.....he asked Jessi to be his gf and i was so heart broken i started to fail in my tests. and once Danny was with the cool kids he totally forgot me...he started to bully me with those cool kids and that was so felt like i had nobody.....and few moths later i was staying back in school it was about 8.30pm we had rehersal and it was raining out side i saw Danny laying in the middle of the street badly brusied and he was bleeding he stabbed himself wit a knife....still  dont know why?! i picked him up,took him to the hospital called his parents and i was with him when he wake up next day he was apologizing for bullying me and he was like a totally different guy from that day...after he was healed he asked me out on a real date and from that moment i was his gf....we didnt even fight for almost like a year we were the understanding couple....cause i am just an average looking girl and he is a soccer player and a gym rat all girls love him.....a girl named Amanda came in between our relationship....she was the hottest girl and a perfect student....and after she started to talk to Danny....he started to fight with me and i saw some changes in him....then in Christin's b'day party i was with he girls and after some time i couldnt find him anywhere and when i came outside to get some air i saw him and amanda kissing in his bro,s car i ran to my house crying......and i was so depressed i went to school next day i ignored him,his calls,everything......i hated him as much as i loved him...after a few days i came to know that the kissing was a plan by Amanda to seperate me and Danny...and after a few years we met we both were single and we haged out that,popcorn,laughing,giggling,kissing,hugging, ...that night was beautiful and the next day he proposed my with a wedding ring...we both got married and decided to die with happiness............true love can never be forgotten no matter what happenes....

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