Forgive Me Coven for I have Sinned (Part 2 of 2)

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The fate of the Faye.

Submitted: March 18, 2017

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Submitted: March 18, 2017



May 17th, 2016


Eighth months…


Two weeks… 


Five days… 


And some minutes… 



That was how long it took for the Grand Coven to come to the realization that Aurelia Charolette Faye, was indeed the woman behind the murder of Zalarie Faye. 


It took that long, for the Grand Coven to bring the Necromancer before them. 


It took that long, for the Grand Coven to finally get a glimpse into what might have invisibly snapped inside Aurelia to cause such destruction. 


It took; eight months, two weeks, five days, and some minutes for Aurelia’s body to lay on a table before the Grand Coven so they may dive into the depths of her mind. 


New Orleans, Louisiana: 11:10am


There she laid, on a wooden table far too rough, with sparse amounts of clothe covering her, before dozens of eyes. Eyes belonging to curious Grand Coven members as they eagerly waited for the ceremony to begin. Eyes eagerly waiting to feast upon the shit storm that had been hidden behind closed doors for twenty five years. Eyes that belonged to those silently demanding that Duncan Crow speed up his process and just place his fingers upon the temples of the Necromancer. 


When he found himself ready, Duncan Crow pressed disgustingly cold fingers against the temples of the Faye, who found herself to be nothing more than a lab rat. It was those disgustingly cold fingers that brought Aurelia’s mind to life; like her forehead was a projector and the air above her was the screen, and the people around were waiting for the movie to start. 


New Orleans, Louisiana: 11:25am 


The show began. 


The air above Aurelia’s head had lit up like a Christmas tree, displaying a vast array of colors and various memories. The ones that Duncan Crow first displayed were ones that were considered happy; her eighth birthday when Aurelia’s powers blossomed, her first forensic pathology report that helped catch a murder, and just recently when she met Maximus. These were not memories that could have turned the woman into a killer, they were far too happy. The gathered people had grown bored, this is not what they came for. To please the audience, to please the Grand Coven, Duncan delved deeper into Aurelia’s mind. 

Duncan’s ability felt wrong, like he was caressing her in all the wrong places with dirty hands and a little too hard. Her head throbbed and she squirmed in pain as he dug deeper into her past. She let out a guttural scream when he found a sore spot and that’s when he knew, that’s when he projected memories that killed her. 


New Orleans, Louisiana: 11:32am


In front of dozens of curious eyes, Aurelia’s worst nightmare was exposed. They were just quick snippets of every moment in time in which the Necromancer fell into the hands of her abusive aunt. They witnessed the beatings; that left her bruised and bloody. They witnessed magic; that left her screaming in pain as her aunt toyed with her mind. They witnessed the multiple attempted drownings; that threatened to end her, rendering her unconscious in the bathtub. They witnessed how these events began when Aurelia was nine years of age and lasted until months before her aunt’s death. 


New Orleans, Louisiana: 12:00pm


The show ended. 


Duncan removed his dirty fingers and the feel of his magic slipped away from her. She should have felt normal, okay, free; all she felt was exposed. Her secrets and dirty laundry hung out before an audience. There was soft chatter amongst the audience, hushed whispers against some of the more powerful beings of the Grand Coven. All Aurelia could do, was peel herself from the table, sit up slowly, and hope for the best outcome. 


And she waited… 


New Orleans, Louisiana: 12:36pm


Finn Norwood rose from one of the seats; he was highly known for electrical magic and in regards to the Grand Coven… the message man. 

“Aurelia Charolette Faye, the Grand Coven finds you guilty for the death of your Aunt.” 

She was not surprised, she had done it. Everyone had known she had done it. She wasn’t keeping that a secret, it wasn’t often spoken about in conversation, but it was a never a secret. It was the following words that threw her off guard. Words that would change her life. 

“The Grand Coven thinks it best to sentence you to death. However, based on the memories provided to us, that would be an easy out. The Grand Coven hear by sentences you to one week inside a glass box, in darkest depths of the Ocean.” 

A gavel should have been hit, but this wasn’t like human court. She was left with a bunch of whispers firing off around her, her head spinning, and the need to vomit everywhere. 



Forgive me Coven, for I have sinned and I shall reap the punishment that comes with. 

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