Don't leave me alone.....

Don't leave me alone.....

Status: In Progress

Genre: Horror

No Houses


Status: In Progress

Genre: Horror

No Houses


She met him one day, after only speaking over the phone, she got to see his face and she finally found a friend.

my 5 chapter novel contest entry hosted by Nightfalls.
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She met him one day, after only speaking over the phone, she got to see his face and she finally found a friend.

my 5 chapter novel contest entry hosted by Nightfalls.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Making a friend

Author Chapter Note

Is there a time where people meet and their friendship blossoms beautifully...

If such a time truly exists ......

Then it is the cure for loneliness........

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 18, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 18, 2017



Chapter 1


“Crowds scare my sunlight” the bustle of the day was a gamble that he himself had suggested she take. It was a decent recommendation and a much needed prominent step in her evolution to a better self. “It’s the Introverts Anonymous programs golden event. We’re finally meeting today and she felt she was ready to go out into a crowded place”

“You better not fuck her Jaden” Gary said to him over the phone. Jaden clicked his teeth in place of a scoff.

“Most people on here aren’t even attractive. She’s probably some chubby Markiplier fan girl with zits and back hair” Jaden assured.

“What if she’s not” Gary sighed. “All I’m saying is that you go out expecting Dumbledore and then you end up meeting Beyoncé’”

“I don’t like Beyoncé’”  

“You’re missing my point” Gary groaned. “Don’t cheat on my sister”

“….Dammit why didn’t you tell me that sooner I wouldn’t have had that three way with those Turkish prostitutes” Jaden chuckled to himself softly as he looked out unto the crowd around him. In reality he could not deny entertaining that thought of this girl being attractive for once and due to her lonely nature, falling in love with the kind-hearted prince that he made himself out to be. Of course, he would not have an affair; he was married to the love of his life but his Sunlight falling for him…even if she was not attractive would bolster his ego quite a bit.  Plus it was not unheard of for ‘Clients’ to develop feelings for their ‘Buddies’ – He seriously hated that title – but he never went out expecting it to happen.

“Bro are you listening” Gary’s voice broke through his mind; lost in the forest of people as it scanned for one particular individual, then the buzz of his phones vibration sounded and caused his heart to skip with excitement.

“That’s her gotta go!” Jaden snapped, stopping Gary’s coming sentence as he hung up the phone and switched to his Sunlight’s call.

“….I….don’t think I can go through with this” her voice a meager whisper in the receiver. The flood of bodies oppressing her mind as she sat with her back to a large tree in the park; hiding herself in the brush. Her breathe waivered as fear threatened to tear her soul apart, it was painful. “Jay….” She sniffled into the phone softly. She didn’t know why she went through with this stupid program! It was so pathetic…more pathetic than her actual life was. Letting some dumb college boy talk her into becoming a better person….who was to say she was not good enough already?! She needed to go home….she needed to find a way to get back home. “Sorry Jay” she whimpered as she moved to stand.

“Sunlight” he said and she froze. She had been talking with him for the past 4 months…getting to know him and fantasizing that they might become real friends, she would actually have real friends for once. She knew it was stupid. He was a psychology major and of course this program was perfect for him…but she was sure it was all fake; that kindness he showed her over those passing days, it was all a stupid a lie…he had no interest in her; she was just his lonely little project girl. But whenever he called her his Sunlight it made her want to see him. It was her user name on the Introverts Anonymous site and he said he thought it was cute, that whenever he saw a message from her on his phone it brought light to his heart, so she was his Sunlight. She liked the thought, that she could actually make someone happy.

“I need to see you….please” he said, she felt as if she could see his somber eyes through his voice. So she went to him. She wanted to see him too, so badly….she stood and rounded the corner where she sat behind the tree. There were so many people surrounding him, so many people around them. But she endured it, she endured it because….she believed that she could finally make a friend.

“Alright” she said from behind him and he jumped with a start, turning to her, holding in a scream.

“Sunlight43” he said suspiciously, as If he was not so sure he wanted to actually know the answer.

“Hi Jay” she offered a smile that she was sure was more of a terrified sneered, why was she so awkward? Why was this moment so agonizing?

“You look petrified right now” Jaden said rubbing the bac of his head, giving a perfect smile. He was seriously tall, with short blond hair and absolutely gorgeous blue hazel eyes. He wore a dark blue polo shirt buttoned to the last button and blue jeans with white clean white sneakers. He was a bit stocky though still a skinny looking guy.

“I….” she wanted to say she liked his shirt; it was her favorite color and it suited him. Did he wear it for her?

Jayden just sat there, he wanted to keep the conversation going but being too pushy would probably end up scaring her. Yeah they knew each other for about 4 months but the goal was to allow her to make progress on her own time as he looked to this tiny thing whose eyes darted in every direction, like some paranoid squirrel, he was sure that a subtle touch would be needed. Plus he was absolutely baffled at how cute she was and he didn’t want to…seem like he was flirting, just in case his wife was watching, it was a stupid thought but he couldn’t shake the guilt. She was a tad short, just to his chest, she wore a black skirt with a black tank top that had a wolf painted on the front of it. Her hair was brown and tied into a pony tail that went to the nape of her neck. She wore bi-focal glasses and long tube socks, that had white and red stripes throughout and black Jordan sneakers.

“Do you like harry potter?” Jaden let slip and she smiled.

“I…love Harry potter”

“Of course you do” Jaden smiled. “I guess we should talk…I mean not over the internet or the phone or anything”

“Yeah” Sunlight looked down as he spoke to her. She was friggin adorable…. like in a child sort of way, despite her being pretty well-endowed in her breast area he doubted he could develop anything more than a big brother styled relationship with her…..His marriage was safe. He ushered her over with him to a bench in the park and they sat there, silent for just a few moments. He was still attempting to let he initiate a conversation with him but her constantly stealing glances before returning her attention to the ant bed on the ground got really annoying, plus he was bored.

“I’m hungry” he said with a cheery smile, she looked up to him, but as if looking into the soul of some grotesque pit of death, she immediately retreated her attention.

“I…I could eat” she said.

“If I remember correctly you said there was some café’ that you liked”

“It’s a bookstore” she said stealing another glance.  “A few miles up”

“Right so let’s go” he said standing and looking down to her with a grin.

“I don’t wanna go” she began rocking, hugging herself tightly. “I can’t move”

“It’s me” Jaden said. “I’m your friend” he knelt down, like he did when he was talking with his baby nephew, looking at her, this sad girl it made him wonder…just what might have broken her to the point where just the mere thought of leaving her home….paralyzed her.

“Friends” it was subtle but a semblance of a smile painted her lips.  “we –“

“Yeah” Jaden assured. “I hope we are”

“Okay” she said softly, he held a hand out to her and she took it, allowing him to guide her to her feet.

“Soooo……Ice cream then” he snickered.

“I love ice cream” she said.

“Cool we’ll get some at the café’’ Jaden said and they made their way through the park, hand in hand into the city to enjoy the remainder of their day together. From the moment that the sunlight kissed their skin, gracing them with a tender passion, to the moment where its golden radiance was replaced with the moons own subtle silver shine. They stayed together, and enjoyed every moment of each other’s company.

She hadn’t for one moment prior to the moment that they met, come under the assumption that she would feel so…comfortable with him by her side. As if he were some piece of her that was separated from her soul, he made her feel like one whole person, there was no second that she was not smiling, her face was starting to cramp but she liked the pain, it was a joyous agony to her. She didn’t want the time to end. She walked pressed close to him, his around her shoulders as the cold began to wash over the night, as the rain began to come down softly. They neared school campus and the immediate realization that this moment of intimacy would soon end struck her heart and it was enough to make tears fall from her eyes, luckily the rain masked her sorrows.

“Shit” Jaden let out in laughter, grabbing her hand as they rushed back onto campus and she led him to her dorm room. She lived in the far end of the campus where the campus apartments were built. They were essentially one bed room houses where the rich kids would isolate themselves, though students with high GPA’s were allowed to have them paid in full by the school themselves. They were all in one line just barely spaced out from one another. They were like mobile homes modeled in the shapes of one story houses in perfect box with a triangle on top fashion. They were painted in a peach coloring with white doors, just along the outside of the farthest end of the campus near the city and the school facing the road, near the school parking area.

Jaden and Sunlight rushed inside, laughing uncontrollably as the rain began to come down with more force. The inside of her home had pure whit tiled floor,  a large screen television in the living room with a glass table in the center of the room and one leather couch facing it, pressed against a wall which was also a counter top that allowed for a view into the kitchen. Beside the television was a door way which was definitely her bedroom. To the side of the couch was her bathroom with an open door revealing that she was a clean freak. Beside the bathroom was a large mirror, leaning again the wall just in the corner, framed with a bright black rim, in a design that looked to be a woman’s head at the top staring at the front doorway with black diamond eyes, her hair flowing around the remainder of the mirror though the design eventually – whether it was an optical illusion or not – seemed to look like winged beast flying ass to face before coming back to the woman’s face at the top.

“Do you live on campus?” Sunlight asked.

“Nope” Jaden snickered, standing awkwardly, not wanting to take a seat; in fear that he might drench her couch. “Nice mirror by the way”, the mirror was taller than himself and wider as well, it nearly scrapped the ceiling.

“You…want a beer” Sunlight said as she went into the kitchen humming some rhythmic tune. “Or anything else”. Jaden turned, surprised at the proposition.

“How old are you?”

Sunlight came back around the corner with two ice cold corona bottles, opened. “19” she said with a cute smile.


“Want it or not?” she said handing the bottle to him and of course he wasn’t going to say no to free beer. He took a drink and she smiled making her way into her room. “I have some guy clothes if you want to change…they’re clean I swear” She came out of the room with a pair of jeans and a white T-shirt tossed over her shoulder.

“Thanks” Jaden said chugging his beer, placing the bottle on the table and taking the clothes.

“There are towels in the bathroom” Sunlight said, looking him in the eyes as he did same, watching in silence for just a few moments. Then with a huff from his nose, filled with disdain for himself he made his way into the bathroom and closed the door. He looked to the ceiling and spoke to God himself.

“Fuck you” he said. “You think I won’t call my wife” he said stripping his pants off. “There is no way I’ll take advantage of that girl even if she does get drunk”, he pulled his phone from his pocket texting his beloved wife the exact events that unfolded and where he was, she simply sent him a meme followed by: Use protection we don’t want child support.

With his conscience clear he quickly changed and made his way out of the bathroom to an empty house. He could hear her in the kitchen humming that same tune again, he made his way over, seeing her rifling through the fridge. She pulled out a bottle of tequila and shot glasses from her cabinet. Then she turned to around, jumping in surprise as she saw him standing there, she stood staring him down with her eyes wide and mouth agape.

“No, no” she said, shear panic overtaking her voice. “I was just moving these”. Jaden just looked to her with genuine affection, it was an unconscious act but he could not stop.

“You….are actually having fun aren’t you?” he said with a bright fatherly smile, he leaned against the wall arms crossed. “Thank you Sunlight –“

“Vetra” she said looking down to the floor, blush coloring her cheeks bright red, she now wore long gray jogging pants and a black sweat shirt.  “My…real names Vetra”.

“Sooooo lets open some Tequila” Jaden made his way over and she poured them shots. “To my new friend Vetra….my Sunlight” he held up his glass.

“To my friend Jaden” she said holding up her glass. “My first real friend” She looked to him for a moment letting her gaze speak what she could not bear to let herself say: Thank you for being with me today. They drank their shots, then another shot, and another and another and another until the bottle was empty and they were forced to move to beers and pizza and their night ended with them both unconscious on the couch, neither of them were quite sure how they got there. She was huddled close to his body, her head on his chest with his arm hugging her close, his head back with his mouth open wide, his other hand draped across his eyes as this day finally came to an end.


Word count: 2517


© Copyright 2017 Kossettes Novellettes (Dying). All rights reserved.


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