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Just a couple quick quatrains I felt like publishing.

Submitted: March 18, 2017

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Submitted: March 18, 2017



Leaves fall and time passes, but you are everlasting.

You are bright where I am shadows, you are contrasting.

I judged you too quick, I’m sorry for typecasting.

I took what we had and now we’ll never be outlasting.


You know you can’t go there, it’s forbidden.

Your love can never happen, you have to keep it hidden.

You never listen, you knew you were unbidden.

But that was never enough, and now your Dearest is bedridden.


Lonely, lonely, lonely, life is never there.

You try and try to care, but life is never fair.

You cry and cry and cry until you dare.

No one sees you struggling until you’re gone in thin air.


Tempting as it is to fly, you can never until you die.

But you were always too afraid to say goodbye.

Try, try, try as you might, you were never a butterfly.

You were never free, but you were always Versailles.

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