Intrusive Thoughts Go Away

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Submitted: March 18, 2017

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Submitted: March 18, 2017




Intrusive Thoughts


I hate you

Why are you always on stand by mode

to ruin my day


An unfortunate incident happened

just once


And you make that into an infinity


Shit from twenty five years ago

suddenly flushed down

to my mind eye

like it happened a minute ago


Why are you keep shitting

and making me the shit eater?


You and me,

are we the same?

Or are you like a virus?

Who are you intrusive thoughts?


What's your purpose

in reminding me of shits

while you really really never show me

all the good memories,

the time that I feel good being alive,

times I feel proud of myself

and happy


Why you show me stuff

that fills me with anger, rage, hatred, shame, regret?


Yes I remember that asshole, and that one

Yes I also remember I was an asshole to that person

But so what?

It's not like I can transform myself to a teenager

and confront the bully

I can't go back in time and gather up the courage to asked her out

All those times are gone

It's too late


Should I track the shithead

and confront him about something he said to me twenty years ago?

It's not even him anymore

And you know what, it will not worth the effort


Some of them already died years ago


So that makes you intrusive thought

my number one enemy

you're not real

yet you're so real

and you are like Doctor Strange trapping Dormammu in an infinite loop



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