My Little Pony Afterlife Chapter 1 Angel in Pink

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All of the Mane six die in this story but can come back with the elements. Can some pony bring them back for good? Read this story and find out. By the way, this will be a video on YouTube soon. I'm under the name Purple Filly. Go to my channel if you want to see my videos quickly. Check them out as they come out.

Submitted: March 18, 2017

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Submitted: March 18, 2017



This is in a script form because I plan on making this a video.

My Little Pony

Friendship is Magic


(The hallway that leads to Heaven.

Pinkie: (laughing)

Pinkie: Where am I? What? I don't have the walk on clouds spell on me. How could I be on clouds?

Pinkalious: Because you are dead. It's okay. You're safe from any harm. I'm Pinkalious. Your Guardian Angel at your service.

Pinkie: My Guardian Angel? Aren't we suppose to go to Heaven or something?

Pinkalious: Yes if you are ready.

(In Heaven.)

Pinkalious: Welcome to Heaven.

Purple Star: Hi. My name is Purple Star. I'm Rarity's Angel and I help newcomers get dressed.

(Purple Star used her magic to make Pinkie an Angel.)

Pinkie: I'm an Angel! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Purple Star: Well I will make sure her room is ready.

Cumulus: Wow! A new Angel! Hey Shining! Big Mac!

Shining Armor: Hey Pinkie! So good to see ya again.

Big Mac: Yep.

Cumulus: I'll go find you a friend.

(Goldlily comes)

Goldlily: Hello Pinkie. Welcome to Heaven and your Afterlife.

Pinkie: Who are you? A princess?

Goldlily: I'm Goldlily. I used to be a princess. No royal duties in Heaven. Tell me do you know of the elements of harmony?

Pinkie: Yes. I am one.

Goldlily: Will you use it to help us?

Pinkie: What is wrong?

Shining Armor: Angels are being kidnapped and becoming demons. Fluttershy's Angel was the last one to go.

Pinkie: That's terrible! We have to save them all! I'll do it!

Goldlily: Then this belongs to you. Don't worry about the tree. I gave it entrenal life.

Pinkie: My friends. If only... (Sobbing)

Shining armor: Although I don't like mentioning it you could get them back. Just kill them.

Pinkie: What?! I can't! They are my friends!

Goldlily: That's why you are an Angel. I could let you go back in the daytime only. I'll casted a spell on your element to allow you to do that. We will pull you back up to Heaven at night or if we need you. Shining take her to her room.

Shining armor: Yes. Come Pinkie. Here we are.

Pinkie: Gummy! I missed you.

Gummy: Me too.

Pinkie: You can talk?

Gummy: It's Heaven.

Pinkie: I'm tired. (yawn) Good night.

(In the Demon world)

Sterling: Wishful! You worthless, dead, unicorn! How could you let Pinkie go to Heaven?!

Wishful: Forgive me.

Sterling: Forgive you? That's what Angels do.

Gold wing: Prehaps it's in our favor that she went to Heaven.

Sterling: How?

Gold wing: She recieved her element. Perfect next victum.

Sterling: No. Kill all of the Elements then we will kidnap them. Take care of things while I'm gone. I need to talk to my sister.



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