dumb and dumber

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Submitted: March 18, 2017

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Submitted: March 18, 2017



Maybe we should learn how to appreciate each other, say a girl to her.

Maybe after we learn about each other all the flaw would disappear just like the confident did…

And people will stop talking, but u and I know they wont, So maybe, we should block our ears, then we wont get hurt.. but there she goes again crying over something she saw this time…she saw the earth’s flaws and no one did anything neither trying to do anything and she said once again maybe we should keep our eyes closed….

She was happy doing that ,hiding, avoiding shes getting better at it….then the mouth come up and speak …cause it cant stand all the lies no more… but as usual its just a small mouth without power so she get hurt again..

And this time she decided to keep herself away from the world instead of covering all the sense, she decided to throw them away…. But she’s a human its only normal to have sense and heart ,so she decided to talk again to look again to hear again but this time … she is doing it with her own way.. she wanted to show them she can handle the talk she wanted to show she can look and hear what she want to, and there it is a girl who is living in her own world… when she started to gain peace and happiness living in her own way the storm came just because a few words from her world, the machine are trying to bring her down … but she is not the old girl who is judging herself ,not the old girl that try to appreciate herself ,she is now the one who control her mind and heart ,she is now stronger and braver she have done all the softy things so now its time for her to be tough or other word heartless…..

But for the first time she fail , she get weak again, she hate her again, she blame her again, and she in a denial state . she cant stop getting weaker until one day she met again with the heart. She taught she’s gonna get weaker after meeting the heart ,she can’t stop thinking about how she hate the heart until she forgot that once upon a time she was the heart’s life .the heart was there for her the heart is everything for her that she event neglect her first love,the brain. And now she hate both of them why? Because they are tying to get closer to know each other…maybe she got jealous and even try to separate them .the question is, why does she think that when the heart and the brain get closer is a very bad thing.. because she doesn’t know that both of it love her, she scared of being dump by both of them she scared that they might run away together and leave her.. why? Because she needs them the most… she was so scared that she forgot that the brain and the heart is not athe machine that could change over a night instead they are the one who is getting paranoid on losing her but why? Because she is the machine , her population is known as the good liar , selfish, ego and others, so its normal for them to think that anytime she would left them … that is why they decided to cooperate with each other so that they can beat all of her negativity ,and again they get paranoid just like she did until they forget she was once their queen and they was once her everything…before greed come along before lies come along before all the negativity come along they are getting paranoid on losing each other. Until they forgot about something very precious ,LOVE.



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