The Love of Life

The Love of Life

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



A Short story about teenage love; inspired by the movie "First love"
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A Short story about teenage love; inspired by the movie "First love"

Chapter1 (v.1) - The love

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Submitted: March 19, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 19, 2017



The Love of Life

By Surakshith Markanti (Inspired from First love Movie)

Love is a magic; which tickles in one’s heart. It makes us blush; it makes us happy; it makes us matured; it also makes us cry. However, it is a part of life. One cannot decide; whom he falls for; and best part of life is the first crush we have; the cutest and the diligent phase.

Everyone would have a crush; that sweet memory they carry throughout the life; a cute love of tender hearts; an innocent love of naive heart.

‘I have been waiting for this day since Eight years’ I spoke within myself ‘Finally, I am going to meet my girl. The most gorgeous girl I have ever met’

 Her eye sizzles at my heart every day; her smile can give birth to my dead life; a girl of charm and beauty blended in her smile and personality. Tara; the girl epitome of perfect beauty; her smirk, her beauty and her sensuality; everything multiplied a hundred times. Her contact of eye with mine was just for a second; which continued with ignorance;

“Hi Shlok” An old friend of mine poked me; but my past dwells in my eager eyes; yearning to converse with her.

I was in eighth grade; when the love story of mine began, .I loved a girl who was very likely to be a star. She was beautiful, cute, topper, a school leader, a fashion icon and of course a sensible girl; of our school.

At school in Eight Grade

Tara was a girl who was much ignored in class; may be because of her looks or her grades or the friends she was associated with; she had not much attention. Nevertheless, a day came; with magic’s of unbelievable surprise.

Tara was on foot at the school corridor accompanying her best friends Sonam and Malavika; mad about their conversation..Did not mind to look on her way; hit a guy named Nihal; A childhood friend of Sholk. Nihal was a simple guy; who never wanted much attention but was the most famous student of school. His handsome looks and talent are the reasons for his craze; he minds his own business all the time.

He apologized Tara for her mistake and minded his way however, Tara couldn’t move; she madly fell for him, her tender heart couldn’t understand much but it beat heavily, she felt his breath .she was in some crazy world called ‘love’. It was not the first time she fell for him; she did fall for him every time she saw him passing by near corridor; every time he was playing in the ground; every time he was waving a smile at his friends; she fell for him every second. He was her crush since long; she never dared to propose her either.

 Nihal but never responded or bothered about her; No boy would like to accept; Tara as a girlfriend. She was ugly with dental braces and spectacles; she had a wavy short hair. .she was no way impressive. Up on these Nihal’s entire world was completely different; he wanted to be a writer; he was quite, clam, and always thought to improve oneself; be a better writer.

The simple story got interesting when Nihal took a chance to peep into Tara’s life. Tara was waiting for a bus; in dark, alone scared. Nihal was head back to his home after his tuition on his cycle; noticed her standing alone in the bus stop; her fear was quite visible.

 “What are you doing here alone; come I will drop you home” Nihal offered her. While butterflies in her stomach were pushing her to make merry; she tried to act dignified but her hasty smile explained her excitement. Nihal; always minds his own business; but now stood on a different path.

“I was attending my friend, Malvika’s Bday party; but happened to be late there and I missed the bus to go home,” She told innocently. They both traveled to her home; while the Moon witnessed this teens. Her smile and excitement were immense and her happiness for being seated on his cycle was an achievement.

Puzzled of how to express her love towards him; Tara tried many petty ideas but failed terribly; making her a fool in the eyes of entire school. Sonam and Malvika promised Tara; that they would make Nihal fall for her.

They decided to change her appearance. Looks where the primary factor which one would consider before loving; they thought. They worked on her looks and attire and the outcome was awful. However, her little heart felt bad; when she saw Nihal’s closeness to a beautiful girl. This was the Phase when she started to hate herself for being ugly; she got depressed for the first time in her life. Her heart understood the pain of failure but no tears ran out from her eyes

Her bad luck followed; a girl who considers herself pretty and talented humiliated Tara; which made her heart sad.  Depressed Tara sat lonely; wondering if she would ever get a chance to prove her talent.  A lovable teacher who cares kids a lot; perceive Tara’s depression and gave her a chance to take part in fashion show.

Tara denied; sobbing that she was a poor fashioned ugly looking girl. Teacher convinced her explaining fashion was not dressing up stylish clothes; fashion is just finding; what suits us the best and beauty lies in heart not in appearance..

Tara’s Zeal to be of worth over shadowed her grief. She happening to change herself not only because Nihal did not bother her; nor because she got insulted; it was because she wanted to change. She got her teeth set right; removed her braces. Her Mirror sized Spectacles where replaced by lenses which added beauty to her. She changed her hairstyle; which made her look stylish .She was now; no less than a star at the school annual day; there fashion show became a super hit and she was the surprise of the show; attracted the entire school towards her. Now she shut the mouths of everyone who mocked her. No one can name her poor looking girl now..

Shlok; could not control his heart; which was falling for the rising star; Tara. He fell for her beauty; he fell for her charm. And he did not delay much; went straight to her and expressed his feelings on the same day.


It felt; like a dream; she know that she was never loved by anyone till date; and the feeling of being special in someone’s life was great. She could not say No; nether she had any feelings to say yes. However, Shlok understood her confusion and convinced her to be his girl friend.

The relation of the teens was decent; Tara and shlok had some petty outings every now and then.  Nevertheless, she was not happy in the relation; she always missed someone deep in her heart; her soul tried to remind her that; it was Nihal; but she could not break the shell she grew around her.

Tara; found reasons to converse with; Nihal every time; but failed. Nihal never bothered to look at her; nor converse with her.

Shlok was no fool to conjecture the proceedings; he understood that she was not completely into him; he raised an argument with his Girl Friend and asked, “You are backing on me?”

Tara; remained silent; avoiding the argument; “Do you Love me?” Shlok Asked doubting the relation he was in until date.

“I love someone else,” Tara said and left the place; breaking Shlok’s heart.

Depressed Shlok; cried alone; until his friend Nihal came to rescue from his pain. “I hate her,” Shlok cried; scolding the girl whom he loved all these days.

“It’s okay; you cannot hate a girl; whom you loved all these days”  Nihal tried to convince him.

“I do not want to see her; again” Shlok cried.

“It’s okay; forget her” Nihal consoled him.

“Swear on our friendship that; even you won’t speak to her” Shlok; asked Nihal to promise him.

“I swear on our friendship” Nihal promised him; telling he would never speak to Tara here after.

Life was no more interesting and fun like it was earlier; for Shlok; Most of the class was busy preparing for final exams. Everyone choose a different path here after. Nihal wished to shift to Mumbai and Tara to Paris. They faced each other many times; but never uttered a word. Shlok was busy being in grief because of his break up. Moreover, the much-anticipated exams rushed so soon and the last day of the school came so early.

Tara; decided to express her love towards; Nihal who never had any interest in her. She walked slowly to him; she was in her school uniform. She stood straight in front of him; gathering some courage to speak she told, “Nihal; you know what; I was waiting all these years; just to speak to you my heart out. It was you who had inspired me; it was for you,  I changed my attire; it was for you I started to concentrate on look; it was for you I became studious; it was for you that I became close to Shlok. So that I can be near to you; it was all just to say these three words” She paused taking a deep breath and told “I Love You”


Nihal; remained calm; unknowing what to speak; he left the place; without answering her. He stood on the word that he would not utter a word to her. He left the place; he went home; sat alone hiding his tears; which were about to be rushed. He took his dairy, presented it to his best friend Shlok, and just before he started to Mumbai seeking his career.

Tara left Paris; trying to forget her love failure; seeking a life where she can forget the boy she loved. 

The winds of regret poked and the tears of lament accompanied Shlok; when he read the dairy and saw the photos pasted on it. Nihal was madly in love with Tara from the day he first saw her; before three years. His love was not just a mere infatuation like His love. Nihal loved Tara; not for her beauty; nor because she was becoming a star of the school; his love do not have an explanation; he was in deep love; which he always hid in his heart.

Shlok’s love was at the beautiful Tara; but Nihal loved the real Tara. Shlok understood his mistake; regret he had broke two true lovers; he ran to Tara; but he was late.


Shlok regretted still; for breaking two true lovers; he tried many times but failed to unite them. And it was the day he waited so long. He walked straight to her and asked, “Hi; Tara, remember me?”

“Shlok; you look so matured now” Tara greeted him. Her eyes were still the same; her love towards Nihal was still visible; her eyes searched for him.

“I have a surprise for you” he told and showed her the Dairy he was carefully hiding all these days; in private. To show Tara; how much Nihal loved her.

“He loved me; for what I was” Tara told; enjoying her tears. Her heart must have felt the relief of love now.

“Where is he?” She asked Shlok; unable to wait to see him anymore.

“Add this photo in it” Nihal told; giving her another photo.

Love is a magic; which describes a one’s personality. Tara’s love towards Nihal was unconditional; she could not see another guy all these years. At the same time, Nihal’s love was much greater who loved a girl by her heart; not by her charm. Shlok smiled at the couple.


© Copyright 2017 Surakshith markanti. All rights reserved.

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