My deepweb experience

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This is my experience of the deep,web and why you shouldn't go on the deepweb as I did.

Submitted: March 19, 2017

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Submitted: March 19, 2017




Now let me just tell you do not go on the deep web here's why.


Chapter 1 - discovery 


I was around 20 when this happened, me and my friend where out one night and he asked me if I ever went on the deep web, and I told him I hadn't even heard of it. So he went on and on about how he went on the deep web and found all these amazing deals on things, books, phones, tablets and that sort of stuff. Then he told me about the huge drug market where you could get cheap hookups, I have never had taken any drugs and I never wanted to try anything, he told me about the services how you could hire hitmen, hire kidnappers, torturers, horrible things. He asked me if I wanted to check it out, I agreed and he came to my house and installed software to make sure I was safe. He gave me a few links and put them in a notepad program, before he left he told me not to go on any bad websites, he told me if I found one write it down and close it immediately otherwise really bad stuff could happen.

It was late and I didn't want to start right now so I went to bed.


Chapter 2 - my first search


First thing this morning I got on my computer to try out some of the links, the first one  lead me to a page full of links all labelled, the first was a wiki page with people asking for hacks, links and all sorts of stuff I don't understand.


I spent the entire day looking at links and learnt a bit about the deep web and read some shocking stories about people on the deep web being found and killed.


I had gathered a list of over a hundred links. I switched off my computer and went to bed.


Chapter 3 - Red rooms


I have been searching the deep web for over a week now and I have told my friend about all the links I found and he told me what they where about, I had no idea how many websites where on the deep web apparently way more than the normal internet, there where also a lot of websites for people who believe in sacrifice to "The devil", he told me that most devil occult websites where fake and just to scare people like me who a new to the deep web.


One day I got bored with all the same websites until I found a button on the main page at the side of the screen was some text saying "you are using the filtered website click here to go to the unfiltered wiki", I clicked the button and it took me to a website that looked the same but it had way more links on it I clicked on one of the links that took me too a wiki there was loads of articles on red rooms none of them had any information on what a red room was just links to websites where you could pay fees to watch some sort of videos. 


I searched ages to find out what a red room was but all I found was a link that apparently was a free red room I clicked on the link and it took me to a page that had a page of rules like "Do not tell anyone about this service." I just clicked on agree and it took me to another website with a black box on one side and a long box on the other, inside the black box it said "The entertainment will be on at 7," at the moment it was 6:50, the long box on the right side started filling with text, It was a chat window, underneath it asked me for a screen name I typed in DarkHage14, my username for most things, but didn't talk to anyone. the stream had just started and a countdown timer began. When it reached 0 a masked man appeared in the screen and said "welcome all, if you have never been here before then In will tell you what this is, so as you know this service doesn't cost any money but you pay another way, with your life one of you has an agent coming your way right now today's area is mammoth lakes California", that was my town. I watched the screen "ah it seems the person has been chosen", the camera changed and I couldn't believe who I saw, it was my friend he was tied to a chair, another masked man walked into frame with a trolly with all sorts of items used for torture, he asked the audience what to do and everyone was was coming up with horrible ideas, I couldn't watch I closed the tab and shut down my computer. I thought it couldn't be real, I got up and went out and ran to my friends house, outside his house was a van and inside his house I could see shadows of a chair, 2 people and a camera on a tripod, I ran back home and wiped by hard drive and then went to bed telling myself that this was all a dream and that he was ok and that no matter what I should never go on the deep web again. 


The next morning I found out that he really had been tortured to death but I didn't tell anyone I knew what happened because I didn't want to be tortured.


Chapter 4 - The End


It's been 4 years since this happened and I still haven't been on the deep web since and I am still scared they will still come for me one day, this is why I don't think you should go on the deep web, really bad stuff could happen to you, so no matter how much you want to DON'T.


This story was written by catmantj and is owned by catmantj any use of this story in videos or copy and pasted somewhere must say clearly that I made this. Please do not take credit for my work Thank you for reading.

© Copyright 2018 Catmantj. All rights reserved.

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