passing coulds

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the real thing happened to life..i found out all problems are just passing clouds.

Submitted: March 19, 2017

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Submitted: March 19, 2017



All this started in Chennai...the place i was born,it was 21st october was a beautiful tuesday and at 7.35 pm my mom gave birth to me....she loved me with her soul...i was a pre-mature baby..I came out of my mom in 7 months...and btw i was a girl;)..i was first held in my mom's parents hand...i mean my grandparents...and we were residing in mom and my dad had many dad was crazy,drug addict and a ladies man. he had too many affairs but my mom wass a decent woman and a brave one. she was looking after my father's mom's leather factory. when i was 4 my mom sent me to live with my grandparents. i missed her so much...but i had a beautiful aunt i called her by the name ruby we had 12 years difference between us...we loved each other first love was my grandpa and my superhero is my mom.then i came to know that my parents were splitting up..i fetl so bad and soo good at the same time..after that we had nothing left. so my grandfather asked my mom to work in IOB...indian overseas bank....the place he worked for 17 years and retired at the age of 54 to look after granny was a hot headed,cool...maybe the coolest person  have ever mom joined in IOB in Chennai..she met a guy named mohan they both were project partners..and a few years later she introduced me to him..i love him as a friend....till now but as a father...yep they both got married because of me....and because of possiveness...i hated him for almost 2 years after marriage then one beautiful sunday i myself called him dad and we celebrated it by a family outing...they celebrated it..cause i had no idea why we were celebrating...then i wanted a sibling to play with and i got one on april 24th 2014....i didn't get a sibling i got a beautiful little princess...she is almost 3 now we both love each other to the fullest....but the sad thing was in this 3 years the relation bteween my grandparents and my family was broken....into pieces as it could never be fixed again....all the bad times passed away..i have lost many grandparents,my aunt,my relief and many does hurt me....but i have faith that everything heals and the broken relationship comes together......they are just PASSNG CLOUDS....

-  Miithrra mohan 





















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