Dear Future Husband(Tibetan)

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Submitted: March 19, 2017

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Submitted: March 19, 2017




I tried not to write about the situation we had struggled but there is no way around without about you. The difficult thing is I don’t know you and you don’t know me and the situation here is so unbiased that you are going to have my girl, the girl who has same relation to you that you and I have; you don’t know her and she don’t know you. Not so long ago I heard you don’t live in country India and I could not figure out where you exactly you live and what name you are being called of and I have almost no knowledge of you. So I decided to write this and hopefully this reach to you before the TIME.

Because there is an arrange marriage between you and the girl who is love of my life where she and I have memories of almost ten long years, but now she has to marry to you and this ten long years seems not even a ten minutes to me.  We did our best for not to happen this marriage but the situation has weaken us. From last couple of months when the decision was being made we didn’t give up of loving together, we did stay strong, stay hopeful, we smiled and cried together, we normalized everything because this is our first love and we have been so truthful to each other and we didn’t realize to prepare to defense our relation because we did not expect this thing comes to true love but the time is unstoppable fast and we will no longer will be like this. She won’t run away and get married to me, because she respects other as important and she know we can’t be stay unloved as well. Now she is confused!

The smile she had shown for whole decade is still same but now she only smile, I see tear, sorrow, and dying hope and joy behind this only smile because she lives truthful to me and I live truthful to her, we live truthful to each other and when such thing happen this truthful burn you down with greater fire. She keep telling me she is the most unlucky person in the world but I used to reply her “hey you have me” but now she is definitely thinking where I am. I was helpless and I did everything I could but I didn’t have a chance.  She has started blaming herself for being in truthful with me and being in best relation.

Our love is very simple: she knows when I hurt and I know when she cries but now her crying has changed; she drop her tear inside.

YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN SAVE OUR LOVE.  I am sure this is not your decision to get marry to a girl who you don’t know and I beg to you do understand my feeling and do approach to your parents if you can make reconsider this decision and make my love come back to me. The world is full of good-hearted women and I am sure you will meet the one for your life but not like this arrangement, it hurts a lot when someone totally unknown come and take away your love. Until this situation I was unaware that how some stranger will be so powerful. Only you can make this departed soul together and stay truthful to each other again. Hope you will understand the feeling of one Tibetan to other Tibetan guy. Please let me have my love back because I can be her only DEAR FUTURE HUSBAND.


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