Collision Course

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Almost -- but narrowly avoided!

Submitted: March 19, 2017

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Submitted: March 19, 2017



Collision Course.


The junction’s coming up where I’ve got to turn left, sharp;

but really, some fool’s gone and on the corner double-parked.


I’m gonna have to make this turn from the lane that’s incorrect

putting in me into position where what’s oncoming I’ll not detect.


I’m heading round real slowly and this car comes speeding down

I brace myself for impact but I do not hear a sound.


The instructor has slammed on the brakes, we’ve missed each other by an inch,

but my head is now in chaos, I’ve not recovered from the flinch.


I’ve been here once, a while ago, but driving I was not;

the crash was so traumatic that it’s never been forgot.


And now it’s all replaying inside my head – it feels so real

the second of total panic when the brakes begin to squeal.


The crunching of the metal and the smashing of the glass,

the glove-box dug into my legs, a feeling that won’t pass.


My confidence is shaken, I don’t want to drive no more

but I make myself just carry on, my heart is on the floor.


So when you park remember there’s a reason for those rules

And they’re only really flouted by some ignorant damn fools.

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