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Submitted: March 19, 2017

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Submitted: March 19, 2017




It is not only word of 9 letters but has a huge meaning. “Friendship” means a whole new world where only you and your friend exist where there is always happiness with lots of masti, fights, misunderstanding but at the end there is only one thing between you both that is “LTc-Love Trust Care”.

I still remember the day I meet my best friend. I always used to laugh remembering that how our friendship starts. It was One of my regular school days of 12th standard when after tution classes our circle of 4-5 friends used to hangout at ones home,where for the first time I meet him . he was the friend of my friend Endrew. My other friend easily jell up with him but I was not talking to him. We both were just talking formally. Days passed and it was the end of out 12th standard still I was not friend with him even when we used to meet we both were talking formally but on one day I was angry with Endrew and was shouting on him and ran from his home in anger and start walking on road to go home when from behind he came and said wait I will drop you ( coz my home as far from Endrew home) I said to him its ok I can go but insist me that he will drop me and I agree. From that day we both become friend.

Once it was my 18th birthday I was very excited and my friend arranged a surprise party but didn’t call him. I was feeling bad so I insist everyone to call him. He came and we both had lots of masti and while playing some games we got to know that we share very common interest. After 12th exams everyone went for higher studies and stop talking that time I was very shattered coz my friend was there with me but he was there with me all the time and during this time we share great bond that we are so addicted towards each other that we cant even take breath while being apart. We both were drugs to each other. If we didn’t speak to each other one day we become restless thinking about each other.Even during our breakups we both were piller to each other supporting and taking care of each other.which directly shows love between us . even god was with us as after our bachlorcourse we both went to same college and now making career together. We are friends forever , Together forever . that’s what actually friendship mean LTc-Love trust care.

I love him

My best friend

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