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I was only sixteen years old when he asked me to marry him.. I had dreams of having a career and a free and independent life..

Submitted: March 19, 2017

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Submitted: March 19, 2017



It was Indian tradition to have big glamorous weddings abroad and invite the entire town and neighbouring towns. It was during the summer holidays that I was abroad, attending a cousins wedding with my family and several other family and friends from abroad. You see, in Indian culture, a wedding is not a wedding unless every living relative and family friend and friends of friends arrive to the wedding from all over the globe, for an event that lasts for days and days.

It was the year 2004, when I hopped off the minibus into the dusty road, with the scorching sun on my back. I squinted as I walked to the house, a few hours since landing and traveling via road. My family had already walked ahead, meeting and greeting the friends and relatives they hadn't seen in so many years. I put my bag down and looked into the busy scene currently happening in the courtyard, and that was when I saw him. He had walked past, with one look at me from the corner of his eye. He then dissapeared as fast as he arrived. My heart skipped a beat, cliche but true, I didn't remember him being this tall and so grown up. I really wanted to talk to him but I was suddenly surrounded by people meeting and greeting me, and aunties and grandmas smothering me in kisses. Where had he gone? I have no idea what happened after this time except that every time after this, whenever I had seen him, he would avoid me.

Who was he? He was the boy next door, in a country abroad. A boy who was extremely handsome and a boy who had great ambition for a fantastic career in life. I was a girl who was just embarking on her GCSES and planning her own future career. We had entered a wedding atmosphere, where romantic scenes surround you and couples just begin to form. We were too one of those couples, with a connection we could not act upon. People would tel me that he was in love with me but was too respectful, too shy, too much in love, and too fearful to come forward and do something about it. So we remained at a distance, with me looking on and him hiding away.

Eventually it was me, who walked up to him one day to speak to him. It was night time, and we were on the roof, under the stars on a cool summer night . We talked and talked about things I don't remember. It was at night when all the youngsters would stay up and hang out on the roof, telling stories playing games and passing the summer holiday. So we joked we laughed we played and had arm wrestles. The days we were young and free were the days we vowed to grow old together and never allow anything to seperate us. And so we courted in secret, so that people would not find out. With little girls sending our messages and private looks we had from a distance. We lived as a couple by our messengers and longed for the moments we would see each other, even if it was from a distance for only a minute, we were incomplete without each other.

We first met for the very first time, 10 years ago, when I was on holiday and only 6 years old.. We were inseparable as children, always playing together and helping each other. From this time until now, we had no contact. As children we had no idea what love was or that we were in love or if we were to fall ij love. We only knew that we liked each others company.

So the time came for us to depart, so I could go back to my life in England. At the airport he leaned over to say goodbye but all he could do was breathe and cry. I'd never seen anyone cry so much as I'd seen this big man cry, imagine that, a 6 foot something guy crying his eyes out over my departure. We made a pact to stay in touch and stay in contact until we could marry. As he had proposed to me but I was only sixteen, I was not ready for marriage my only priority was school and becoming sometching amazing. So we stayed in touch, via email and MSN on lucky days. The entire gcse year we talked like penpals, writing emails to each other about our days and about our plans. Secretly trying to have conversations in private. For about year we were ok and it was a great time. I finished wth 11 GCSES and scored the highest in the school. I was excited to start my A levels and begin to make something of my life.

But suddenly something changed and the emails became less frequent. The calls never happened and I hardly heard from him. Now and again he would call me but the emails had stopped. But it was fine as I was busy with my career, studying my A levels in the sciences and aspiring to become a Dr. He knew it was my dream so I appreciated the space and made good use of it. However the year was now 2007 and still I felt he had really become so distant from me. We had even began to have mild arguments even though our communication was so little. I couldn't understand what had happened to him. And then slowly he had dissapeared from my life.

It was a quite a strange time in my life, to not get accepted on a medical course and then for the love of my life just dissapear. I don't even remember what the reason was, but because we were a secret I couldn't really find out why or where he had gone. Now my relatives were in touch so we always knew what he was doing career wise and that he was ok but I couldn't really investigate why he had gone cold on me. At the time I had no idea but he had gone abroad for work and then returned home to find a girl was after him and was stalking him.

Anyway I went to university and studied biomedical sciences, a career and social life I absolutely loved. I became to engrossed in my new life that it allowed me to not think about him or the fact that he had abandoned me. It wasn't really a priority right now. I was actually getting somewhere and learning new things and meeting new people. It was the best time of my life. And then suddenly I received a email from him, in 2008, asking me how I am.

How am I? I'm good, in fact I'm great, why have you come back in my life? In words such as those was my response and that I was not interested in him anymore, how dare he dissapear on me and then randomly ask about me. How dare he. We hadidn't a terrible email fight in which I told him that it's completely over I'm not a toy and he said okay I will leave you and this time will never come again. Later i found out that there were things I didn't know but he didn't clarify them for me. I was always kept in the dark and given silence. It was during this time we ended for good and for real and forever, or so I thought.

In 2010 I graduated and landed an excellent research position at the university, after continuing my studies without him, I still thought about him but I knew I could do nothing now. It was over and I had no plans for marriage anyway. I then found out that people were trying to keep him away from me. During this time of absence he wasn't well. He was going insane saying he will marry me no matter what. But nothing came of that.

In 2011 I heard he was getting married. I was gutted but I knew it was expected as we had broken up a very long time ago and had not spoken. In fact in early 2011 he had messaged me and we were able to talk like long lost friends, having a normal conversation via Facebook. He had gotten married towards the end of the year. And although it hurt it wasn't as bad as I thought it was. I congratulated him and told him to not hurt her the way he has hurt me. You see a small part of me always thought we would somehow end up together, because our souls were made that way. With this bond, but his marriage meant the end of that and the end of us.

Some more years passed and I then heard he was getting a divorce. Although I was sad for him I still had a trace of hope in my heart. Maybe this is meant to be and the way it is supposed to be. Surely enough, I received a phone call from him, now we had whatsap and other messenger services we didnt need to wait for email responses. He called me and told me everything and how he was going to ask my father for my hand in marriage.

I must admit my first response was not joy, it was in fact anger. It was how dare he come back to me now. In 2015, nearly 11 years later since we last met and promised to be together forever. 11 years since falling in love and now being adults. I couldn't comprehend it. But he explained himself and he explained everything.

How he used to look after me when I was sick. How he used to tell him friends he will marry me and i was the love of his life. How we broke down to his parents and told them he couldn't live without me. Bur people had stopped him from reaching me and my family. He said he could not commit to his first wife because he was still in love with me. And nothing could change that.

And so he asked my father for my hand in marriage and now we could talk without it being a secret. We talked about everything our plans our futures our fears etc.

And then, things started going wrong. We started arguing all the time. About the weddig venues or the wedding dates. He couldn't understand that I could not marry until my training was complete and he couldn't understand I was under a lot of stress. I couldn't understand that he was miserable without me and couldn't bear any more time away from me. At christmas of 2015 i was badly dying to see him and he had promised me he would come. But he didntand i was heartborken. And so we had a huge fight in 2016, breaking us up on valentines day.

It was me who said it was over but I had said it in the heat of the moment. I waited and I waited for him to come back but he didn't. Instead I heard people were talking about me blaming me for things I didn't do and that was why he didn't try to communicate with me. He went into depression and his family began to look for other options for him. In June of the same year I couldn4 bear it anymore so I contacted him.

I cleared my accusations and we seemed to get back to normal. We still had issues about venues and dates but to me I thought this was it we would be together forever through thick and thin. Come September 2016 he was engaged to someone else with a date to marry them on Christmas. It was then that I flew out a day after the wedding to see if it was true that he had moved on from me. And he had. He had replaced me in a rush to get over me and she was someone completely opposite to me. So here I was in country in the same situation, watching the love of my life from a distance, not being able to talk to him. This was how we met after 12 years, with a hug and a kiss to his wife.

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