Knightwatch: Ghost Echoes

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When Yokumi Tano's old drone suddenly reconnects to his datapad carrying over several distress calls from an unknown source, and a fuzzy image of what appears to be the original East Wing Academy school complex, Tenekzu Higiyama decides to look into it along with Kiata Soto, only to find that the school might not be as vacant as they had assumed...

Submitted: March 19, 2017

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Submitted: March 19, 2017



"If you see this, I swear you'd better come find me! I don't know where everyone is--the school is's abandoned, and it's dark! I don't know where I am excactly, but someone has to come get us outta here! I hope Yokumi is still screwing around with the school network and the drone controls--I found your drone, and I am hoping you get this transmission soon, but in case not I wanted to tell you something important.


"This is Mikatzu, Professor Tsenumori and I have been imprisoned under the school by the Dean's orders, but I managed to escape out into the open school; it is only a matter of time before they find me again, since there is nowhere to go for now, but please...please send someone to come get us. We've found something--something extremely valuable and too sensitive to go ignored. We need rescue, but even if...even if Tsenumori and I are killed, come for what we know. Be sure to send someone skillful enough to take on a phantom school complex loaded with what I can only describe as genetically-upgraded Synths; they're stronger, faster, and from what I can tell, are under the Dean's orders to kill anyone still on campus post-revolt, except for Tsenumori and I. I don't know how much longer we can hold out, but please send someone soon! I can't tell you exactly where we are, but I do know there is a lot going on beneath the school as well as on the surface...just send your best, Knightwatch--do what you do best."


Tigima did his best to avoid making eye-contact with Kiata Soto as they sat across from each other in the cargo hold of the Harrier transport designated to take them from East Wing City to the undisclosed location provided by Yokumi's coordinates; the harder Tigima tried, the more awkward it became, as she stared blankly at him with her left eye. Apart from the monotonous roaring of the heavy wing-blades outside, the ride was mostly silent; Tigima continued running through his mind the details of the briefing Yokumi had constructed following the sudden transmissions he'd began to receive almost 4 days ago. No one had seen or heard from Tsenumori or Mikatzu for a while, which originally had Tigima irritated since they claimed to be the leadership of Knightwatch Guild, but after hearing Mikatsu's call for help and her plea to be rescued along with an undisclosed discovery at the school, Tigima felt that he should personally respond to the call.


With Kitto still in Lockham's grasp, Kiata Soto served as his second.


Their combined history in K.W.A.H. as ex-assassins, and the described nature of the rescue led to Tigima's decision to leave Omuri Yakuzi and Raven Willow in charge while he and Kiata followed up the rescue and information recovery leads. He glimpsed at her once again, examining their nearly-identical black rashguard uniforms with the midnight-blue right sleeves, and finally her choice weapon, which was a rainbow-metal wakisashi tanto similar to his, only housed in a small, lacquered wooden sheath as opposed to his nylon one.

She was known as Dark Fox the Killer, a legendary member of the first-generation of K.W.A.H., with a reputation for being a singular killing machine capable of taking on the most impossible of missions with ease; rumor had it that she was once a prototype case study for the original Rogue Operations Unit Gear Hunters, but later turned and took apart the entire organization prior to being recruited by K.W.A.H. directly. Whatever her past, Tigima saw firsthand that she was every bit as dangerous as stated, and now that she wore the colors, she was officially part of Knightwatch Guild.

The Harrier took a dip to the right and tilted to the point Tigima felt himself leaning forward against the crossing seatbelts on his chest; he gripped his sheathed sword and pressed it atop his folded black cloak on his lap until the Harrier leveled out and continued forward. "We're almost there, and then I finally get to see the legendary East Wing Academy," Kiata stated plainly, continuing to stare at Tigima.

"You'll get to see what's left of it."

"Still, never even thought I would be close to a front-school."

"Don't tell me you wanted to attend a front-school like East Wing Academy?"

"Not East Wing Academy--I would rather go to Eden."

"Cents Guild runs Eden, and they're strict supporters of the Deans Union."

"You act as if I know what any of that means, Ghost Fox."

"Have Omuri explain it to you sometime--there's a lot going on between schools that you'll need to know, if you decide to stay."

"Oh I'm staying--don't worry about that."

The Harrier slowly drew to a stop and began to descend for a few seconds before hovering a few feet above the ground as the rear ramp began to slowly open, revealing a slightly-windy, and snow-covered clearing in the forests not far from the easternmost tip of the campus. Tigima and Kiata unhooked their seatbelts and slipped on their cloaks quickly, and then approached the rear of the cargo hold. "Just like old times, more or less; just to be clear, we are weapons-free?" Kiata inquired as Tigima jumped down onto the thick snow blanket with a soft crunch. "Yes, but anyone who appears to be a hostage is not to be touched; we've got the inner-ear radios this time around, so keep me updated if we have to split up," Tigima informed as Kiata landed on the snow behind him with a crouch.


Seconds afterwards, the Harrier thundered off.


"We'd better make this quick--odds of whomever is still lurking about here knowing that we are on-site is high thanks to our method of entry," Tigima concluded, slipping his nylon sheath across his back. Kiata nodded silently and followed not far behind him as he walked towards their right, heading through the thinned treeline towards the open hills not far from the campus. As far as they could tell, there wasn't anyone posted outside the school, but Tigima was cautious not to take any chances; the chilling wind cut across his cheeks sharply as he adjusted his midnight-blue bandana across his forehead and checked the knot for security. Kiata kept a few steps behind him as they passed the forest border and rounded one of the many hills, revealing at last the collection of black, octagonal buildings connected in a diamond pattern by upper and lower bridges, which made up the massive campus grounds of East Wing Academy.


The school was intact, but dead and ghostly in appearance.


"There's always something about returning to a place you once knew, expecting to know what to expect—only to find that the place you've returned to has changed almost as much as you have," Tigima sighed, taking one more step forward as he looked across the form of the vacant school slowly. Kiata looked between Tigima and the school quickly a few times, and then followed behind him once again; she was not quite sure what to expect outside of the details from Mikatzu's distress message indicating upgraded Synths. The wind continued to scream and wisp icy crystals across their faces as they neared one of the school's left-side octagonal buildings, and up ahead on their right-hand side was one of the connecting glass walkways housing a pair of double-doors. 


Tigima and Kiata had found their way in. 


"I'm sure the school was...nice...when it was filled with students, but this whole abandoned campus thing kinda adds to the reason I don't like school in the first place," Kiata whispered as Tigima slowly pulled on the horizontal metal handle across the left-hand door, allowing her to pass inside to the walkway. Once they were both inside, the door slowly hissed shut behind them; Kiata faced the double-doors to their immediate left as Tigima eyed the ominous dark behind the doors to their right. The familiar hallways behind both doors appeared ominously dark, making it visible for Tigima to see his own reflection in the glassy, vertical rectangular windows.  


"This is becoming far too melodramatic for my taste," Kiata whispered, staring blankly at the doors ahead of her as she kept her back to Tigima.


A cold, tingling wave ran across Kiata's body sharply, seemingly resonating from the mysterious doors ahead of her and without warning, the doors flew open, followed by a pair of gunshots.  


Kiata drew her sword and displaced the two bullets back in the direction they came from, twirling her blade counter-clockwise as she hissed instinctively. In front of Tigima the same manner of attack occurred, but rather than using his blade to deflect away the bullets, he raised his left hand and released a sizeable bolt of golden-electricity down the dark hallway and displaced the bullets, illuminating the figure of a running male for a split-second.  


“Was that melodramatic enough for you?” Tigima bantered back in a low tone. 


A metallic groan, followed by a brief echo of microphone feedback filled the silent air sharply, keeping Tigima and Kiata on their toes as a young, male voice followed the disturbance. 


"A pair of Foxes have found each other; what an honor to have such high-level individuals in our school once again—legendary assassin Dark Fox the Killer, and current student icon Ghost Fox the Harbinger, welcome to East Wing Academy's After-School Hours! I hope you've both brought you’re A-game since you've never been expected to bring less to any fight, but don't expect this to be easy. My upgraded Synths are out for blood, and just as you hunt for your friends, these companions will be hunting you Foxes down without mercy—good luck, and hopefully we never meet again!" The arrogantly-toned male voice concluded.

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